Ranch Management Measures after Rain

Ranch Management Measures after Rain

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1. Silage and Feed Reserve Environment
Mildew will occur in silage and all kinds of feed after being wetted by rain for three hours. Its quality not only affects the intake and palatability of dairy cows but also causes diseases and losses. Therefore, on sunny days, we should check all the stock conditions of raw materials and accessories (not to be wet in the rain). We must pick out the moldy and deteriorating forage grass and not feed the dairy cows.

2. Cowshed
After raining, the silt and water in cowshed should be cleaned up in time to ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of the environment in it. At the same time, the frequency of cleaning should be increased to avoid the cows falling and increase the incidence of mastitis caused by too slippery ground.

3. Grazing land
The grazing land should not be used after rain as far as possible, because the land has been soaked by water for a long time, soil water content increases, microorganisms are easy to breed, and when the ambient temperature rises, the moisture in the soil will rise, even if the surface looks dry. As long as cows lie on the land, breasts close to the ground, the rising air and temperature of the ground will affect the heat dissipation of the breast, causing mastitis and somatic cell rise.

Ranch Management Measures after Rain
Ranch Management Measures after Rain

4. Formulation changes
Due to bad weather or abnormal climate, the feed leftovers of dairy cows will change, but do not easily adjust the formula or usage, while climate stress, try to avoid other reasons to increase the stress of dairy cows (formula adjustment is also stress to dairy cows).

5. Trough Feed
Avoid using trough feed as far as possible. Due to the influence of rainwater, the delivery may be affected. Besides, storage conditions can not be guaranteed, water content is relatively high, mold speed is very fast, quality and palatability can not be guaranteed. It is recommended not to use trough feed temporarily without guaranteeing quality.

6. Material trough cleaning
Most of the troughs are cement bulkheads, which have good water absorption. Long-term hot and humid environment and high moisture content in the air, the water content of cement bulkheads is naturally very high. Besides, TMR moisture content is about 50%. The muggy environment has an impact on the environment. Feed mildew changes very quickly, which can cause digestive tract disease. It is recommended that the trough be cleaned in time every day.

7. Disinfection
Disinfection of cowshed, milking hall, the periphery of the warehouse, road, and the entrance of the farm area (at least once a day) should be carried out. The concentration should be doubled appropriately based on normal usage (normal concentration should be used on sunny days). It should not be considered useless to disinfect on rainy days. Disinfection is the most effective way to kill (weaken) pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria, destroying the living environment of pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria.

8. Eradicate flies
Temperature and humidity change a lot after rain. It is very suitable for fly breeding when the ambient temperature is above 25 degrees. It will breed a generation in about 10 days. Mosquitoes and flies are the vectors of disease transmission, so it is necessary to kill flies in time.

9. Safe use of electricity
The safe use of electricity after rain is very important, so it is necessary to check the electric circuit of the ranch regularly, find out the hidden trouble and deal with it immediately. The electric power of the ranch should be divided into branches to ensure the use of electricity for the dairy hall, fan, spray and feed processing, and eliminate the bareness of electric wires, the mixing of electric wires, the inconsistency between the control switches and the power of electrical appliances. Guarantee the safety of electricity use.

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