Special Therapies for Dairy Cow Diseases

Special therapies for dairy cow diseases you should know

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Special Therapies for Dairy Cow Diseases
Special Therapies for Dairy Cow Diseases

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for milk is increasing, and the development of the dairy farming industry has been promoted, especially in rural small-scale farming. The increase of dairy cows will inevitably bring many diseases, so the treatment of these diseases has become a major problem faced by dairy farmers in rural areas. Some diseases often worsen due to lack of timely treatment, and even lead to the death of dairy cows, bringing huge losses to farmers. To overcome this problem, this passage introduces several special therapies for cow diseases, so that farmers themselves can treat cows in time.

1. Self-blood therapy
Also, known as protein stimulation therapy, it has the functions of both autologous serum and autologous vaccine. This method is suitable for the treatment of some skin diseases, skin inflammation, some eye diseases (such as conjunctivitis, keratitis), these diseases to a certain extent due to local nutritional deficiency, low immune function. On the one hand, it can play a nutritional role, on the other hand, it can promote the immune system function of the body.

Specific methods:
At the junction of 1/3 superior jugular vein and 1/3 middle jugular vein, 3-6 ml of blood was collected according to different parts of the treatment after alcohol disinfection (to prevent coagulation, blood should be injected immediately after blood collection, and some anticoagulants can also be added). They are then injected into surrounding healthy tissues (skin diseases, skin inflammation) or subcutaneous eyelids (eye diseases). The second injection is after the blood is absorbed from the first injection.

2. Rumen Bloating Induced Soaking Massage Therapy:
Primary Rumen Bloating is caused by animals eating numerous fermentable green fodder or leguminous plants and cereals, producing a large amount of gas to compress the gastric wall, reducing the body's neuron activity, dysfunction of the rumen, gas can not be discharged and leading to rapid expansion and expansion of the rumen. Inducing belching and massage therapy is a kind of therapy that aims at exhaustion and distension by inducing belching and promoting rumen peristalsis.

Specific method:
Use a stimulus smell of relatively large tender branches, or ordinary branches coated with soy sauce and other substances with a stimulus odor, so that the cow in the mouth, the branches at both ends of the rope fixed at the corner root. Owing to the stimulation of the branches, cows were induced to ruminate and belch. At the same time, grasses are massaged in the rumen area of the abdomen to promote the peristalsis of the rumen and strengthen the emptying of the rumen. The effect would be better if some warm water was given to the dairy cattle before the massage.

3. Pseudo-death of newborn cow babies:
Artificial respiration. Pseudo-death of newborn calves, also known as asphyxia, is caused by obstruction of fetal discharge during childbirth, prolonged delivery period or compression and winding of umbilical cord, which causes the blood circulation of placenta to weaken or stop, and causes the fetus to breathe prematurely, resulting in asphyxia due to inhalation of amniotic fluid. If not rescued in time or the method is wrong, it often leads to the death of calves. Artificial respiration has a good effect on the treatment of pseudo-death.

Specific methods:
After the birth of the fetus, the amniotic fluid in the nostril and mouth was wiped with a cloth immediately. The calf's hind limbs were lifted to the head and off the ground while shaking, while gently pressing the chest and abdomen rhythmically, and the effluent amniotic fluid was wiped off at the same time. In summer, some cold water can be thrown on calves to stimulate the body and induce breathing. If you don't have enough hands, you can put the calf on the slope, head down, and gently press the chest and abdomen rhythmically. The effect is also good.

4. Production paralysis mammary air supply therapy:
Production paralysis, also known as milk fever, occurs mostly in high-yielding cows. The main reason is that a large amount of blood calcium enters colostrum before and after delivery, and the ability to use bone calcium decreases. At the same time, the amount of calcium absorbed from the intestinal tract decreases, resulting in a sharp decrease in blood calcium concentration. Breast ventilation therapy is by far the most effective and simple method to treat paralysis of dairy production. When air is injected into the breast, the pressure in the breast rises, the blood vessels are compressed, the blood flows into the breast decreases, and the calcium loss with the blood flow into the colostrum decreases, and the blood calcium level increases. Also, the air is injected into the breast, and the nerve endings of the breast are stimulated and transmitted to the brain, which can increase the excitement of the brain and relieve the depression.

Specific method:
Prepare breast air supply (also can make breast air supply, as shown in the figure). The bottles, stoppers, catheters, and water of the self-made breast air supply should be strictly disinfected, and the catheters should be strictly disinfected and then coated with disinfected vaseline. The affected female cow will lie in Baoding, and the breast, nipple strict disinfection, squeezes out the breast milk. Slowly insert the duct into the nipple and fix it. The assistant pumps slowly until the skin of the breast is tense. The edge of the base of the breast is clear and thicker.

Gently tapping the drum is the standard. Four breast areas are full of air, too little does not work, too much will occur breast acinar rupture. After blowing up, gently tie the nipple with a wide gauze strip to prevent air escaping. After an hour of standing up, the gauze strip will be released. If cows suffer from mastitis symptoms, the use of breast ventilation therapy should be prohibited to prevent the spread of inflammation.

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