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Milk clotted after brewing, can baby drink it?

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What effect will it have to drink the clot-brewing milk? What do the mothers need to pay attention to when makes milk powder for babies? Since weaning your baby, milk powder has become an essential part of your baby's daily diet. This means that parents have to do one more job - brewing milk powder for the baby.

brew milk powder
brew milk powder

Many people will find that milk powder brewing is particularly prone to a clot. "The milk powder is brewed well, but the bottom of the bottle is still a little clot, the baby is waiting for the milk, eat it directly, it's okay." This is what a mother said before, because the baby is anxious to drink Milk, so it is necessary to give the baby milk that is completely brewed.

Is it okay for the dairy product which is not completely brewed to the baby? As a nutritionist, I had consulted the pediatrician.what is the effect on the baby’s health if a baby who usually drinks the milk powder is not completely brewed?

The doctor told me that the baby often drank clot milk powder after brewing, which would easily lead to indigestion and diarrhea symptoms. Because the baby's milk powder belongs to the formula milk powder. It is a combination of various milk nutrients, and a certain proportion of water is needed to brew and mix. Once there is milk powder that is not completely dissolved, it means that the ratio of milk nutrition and water in the milk powder that has been made is not uniform, that is, the proportion of water is relatively high.

At the same time, the part that is not completely dissolved is the part with a relatively high proportion of nutrients, and it is not conducive to digestion, absorption, and metabolism by the baby. Then, how can the milk powder be brewed? The water and powder used to brew the milk must accordance with the proportion mentioned in formula milk powder can, can not be too thick or too thin.

For example, the milk powder that the mother bought for the baby requires 3 spoons of milk powder in 130 ml of water. When brewing milk powder, you must adhere to 130 ml of water, 3 flat spoons of milk powder, more or less are not allowed, make sure that the milk is good for you. If the milk powder is too much, it will be not easy to dissolve and there will be a phenomenon that it can be a clot. Moreover, since the mineral content of the milk powder is designed proportionally, if the proportion of the milk powder exceeds the requirement, and the baby's gastrointestinal burden is also caused.

brew milk powder
brew milk powder

The smaller the children are, the more serious the effect of digestive system function, and may even cause intestinal necrosis. Of course, it is also impossible to increase the proportion of water to fully dissolve the milk powder. When the milk powder is diluted, the proportion of nutrients absorbed by the baby will decrease. Even for the baby under 6 months, if the milk powder is too thin, the baby will consume too much water, which will cause the imbalance of electrolyte concentration in the body. In case of serious water, poisoning may occur. The scientific method of brewing should first add water and then add milk powder. Some people think that the milk powder should be put first, and then the water that the milk can be brewed. This is not the case.

According to the requirements of water for milk powder, it should be a water first and rear milk powder. Because if you put the milk powder first, then put the water, you do not know whether the water is not enough, it is easy to cause the milk concentration is high or low, after all, the milk powder accounts for a certain amount. The water temperature and technique should be scientific. Some milk powder should have certain requirements for the water temperature. If the milk powder can is marked with "warm water", it is best to choose water at around 45 °C. Too cold water and superheated water will cause milk powder to clot. 

When brewing milk powder, to make the milk powder and water fully blend, the bottle should be kept upright, and the bottle should be gently rubbed back and forth with both hands. Remember not to shake the milk powder up and down, because it will produce a lot of bubbles, the baby will drink milk powder will be flatulence and vomit after eating.

Finally, I will introduce a method to reduce the clot of brewing milk powder. Before brewing the milk powder, use hot water to soak the bottle. The milk powder has clot when it is brewing. A large part of the reason is that there is a small water droplet on the wall of the bottle. Once it meets the milk powder, it becomes a small milk thistle, so it is not easy to be washed away.

Therefore, before the baby drinks the milk powder, the bottle is washed with hot water, which will greatly reduce the agglomeration during the brewing process. In my view, no matter the baby how hurry to drink milk, the milk powder should be completely dissolved before giving it to the baby. Because the baby is more anxious to drink, the more urgent it will be when drinking, the bubbles in the bottle and the incompletely dissolved milk powder will be easily drunk in the stomach, it is easy to snoring and bloating.

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