How can I get my baby to drink milk?

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In the process of feeding milk powder for babies, it often has the case that the baby rejects the milk-powder milk or the bottle. It is a tricky problem for the baby to dodge or cry. But don't worry, maybe after reading this article, you may find the reason and solution.


5 reasons tell you why your baby rejects milk powder brewed milk.

1. Not used to eating a pacifier
Although the baby has not yet formed a clear consciousness, we cannot ignore the baby's ability to distinguish. Babies who are used to drinking breast milk will not that easily be fooled by the pacifier. Because they are unfamiliar with it and have no sense of security about it, it is normal for the baby to be excluded.

2. They do not like the taste of milk powder.
Although there are a lot of milk powder brands with great milk sources on the milk markets, no dairy farm can promise that their product all is accepted by all the baby at once.

3. Incorrect feeding method
When the feeding bottle's angle is not right, or because the nipple hole is too small, or the nipple is pressed to the baby's tongue, etc., it may be the reason why the baby rejects the milk powder.

4. Baby's milk-boring period
Not just milk powder feeding, even breastfeeding babies will have a period of boring milk. For four to six months, the baby's taste and appetite will change because the Lactose enzymes decrease within the baby’s body. Also, the baby's auditory development makes them sensitive to external things, and it is easy to distract their attention to eating.

5. The baby‘s feeling is bad.
The baby's body is delicate, sometimes not drinking milk powder for some time and accompanied by Malaise or crying, it may be that the baby's body is slightly uncomfortable, such as zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency or other milk nutritional facts deficiency are the reasons for the baby's anorexia.

milk powder
milk powder

5 methods to let the babies accept the milk bottle

1. Prepare to train your baby
Objectively speaking, there is a big difference between drinking dairy products and breastfeeding. The baby needs to patiently take a step-by-step training process from the sense of touch and taste. This process may be a bit "cruel", but it is also the problem that mothers have to overcome, that is baby has to stand starvation. If the mother needs to return to her post, this process needs to reserve 20~30 days in advance to let the baby adapt and transition to drinking milk powder.

2. Be prepared to choose the baby's favorite milk powder taste
We can do a small experiment first, feeding the baby with a bottle of breast milk. If the baby accepts it, it proves that the baby does not like the taste of the milk powder. Of course, it may be that the consistency or temperature of our brewing milk does not match the baby's taste. Therefore, also, choose the milk powder close to breast milk, choose milk powder with rich milk nutrients.


3. catch the perfect moment to stop breast milk feeding.
Your baby will have a lot of appetite at certain times. Those are good times for your baby to receive milk powder. For example, before feeding, the baby has not eaten anything for 2~3 hours, and the baby will hungry and wait until the baby is drowsy. You can replace the breast milk to milk powder-milk. The baby is very happy to see the closest person to feed him when he hungry.

4. Prepare the pacifier that the baby can get used to.
Choose a soft and close to the breast-feeding nipple. You can use hot water to make the nipple have a temperature. Having some tips such as dip the breast milk to the nipple to make the baby more familiar and more acceptable. Of course, it is also important to choose a suitable nipple according to the age of the baby. The size of the nipple hole will be different, which is the detail that needs us to pay attention to.

5. Learn the correct feeding posture
The most common feeding posture share to you, mother sitting and holding the baby in his arms in one hand, the baby's upper body snuggling in the elbow, the mother's arm dragging the baby's butt, the baby's body is inclined at 45°. The other hand takes the bottle and slowly touches the nipple to the baby's lips. The rest is waiting for the baby to drink milk.

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