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The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary

Posted on: August 9, 2019, edit by Eleanor

The trend of Greek yogurt has entered China from Europe and the United States in recent years. Many models, foodies, and food lovers have started to promote Greek yogurt, which has made it famous. The Greek yogurt brand sold in the market has gradually increased. What is Greek yogurt? What is the difference between yogurt and general yogurt? The yogurt itself is healthy food, and what is the factor that Greek yogurt is better than the general one?

Let’s learn the Greek yogurt

Yogurt is made with milk and bacteria, and Greek yogurt will pass the "filtering" step of the normal yogurt to fully drain the water and whey to form a thicker, solid-state yogurt. The liter of milk produces 1 liter of Greek yogurt.

The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary
The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary

Greek yogurt is more viscous and thick.

Greek yogurt originated from the Mediterranean region. It is a traditional yogurt that the average family would eat. It was originally made with fresh goat's milk. It was not until a Greek food brand “Fage” was mass-produced and sold to other countries. Called "Greek Yogurt", it is now one of the world's leading dairy products.

Why is Greek yogurt better?

Greek yogurt, which is doubled and concentrated, has about twice as much protein and calcium as normal yogurt, and has lower carbohydrate (lactose) and fat content, and contains less sodium, which helps relieve girls' most care. And because of the thick, sticky, and full-bodied taste, the benefits make Greek yogurt a favorite food for lose weight.

People, who care about calories may wonder if the heat of Greek yogurt is relatively low or not? Greek yogurt contains more saturated fat, so the overall heat is not lower, but it still has the advantage of higher nutrients, as long as Appropriate consumption, Greek yogurt is still a good helper for weight loss.

Greek yogurt is of course divided into whole fat, low fat and skim, but the taste and taste of defatted yogurt are different. Other additives may also affect the flavor. Unless necessary, it is recommended to choose full fat and low fat to eat. It's delicious.

How to eat Greek yogurt?

The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary
The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary

It is also a very popular way to pair with cereals and frozen berries. It is a breakfast that can be prepared in a short time.

The easiest way to eat is to add honey-scented Greek yogurt to honey, or pair it with cereals, nuts, fruit or jam. It is the yogurt breakfast that most people love. It is simple and fast, suitable for busy modern people. In addition, Smoothie, which is made with vegetables and fruits, is also a recent popular drink. It is colorful and beautiful, and it can also add fiber and protein at the same time, gradually replacing juice as the new drinks of girls.

Smoothies made with fruits and vegetables and yogurt have been popular in recent years.

Greek yogurt cooking

In addition to eating and making desserts directly, Greek yogurt is often used in conjunction with salads and prepared sauces. It is very delicious for seafood and chicken, and its refreshing taste is quite suitable for hot days.

The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary
The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary

1. replaces mayonnaise, whipped cream, cream

The mayonnaise in the salad dressing, the whipped cream in the soup or the cream used to wipe the bread can be replaced with some Greek yogurt to make you eat healthier.

The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary
The difference between Greek yogurt and ordinary

2. pickled meat

The thick Greek essence is very suitable as a marinade. It can be tightly attached to the ingredients, which helps to soften the meat and make the meat more tender and juicy.

Even if the Greek yogurt factory is nutritious and delicious, you should pay attention to the amount of food you eat. You can't eat too much at one time. And there are many things that cannot be eaten with yogurt at the same time. Everyone must pay attention!

After further understanding of this familiar and unfamiliar yogurt, next time you can go to the supermarket and taste it.

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