2 ways to identify the imported yogurt

2 ways to identify the imported yogurt

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Some time ago, there was a “Vietnamese Yogurt” that did not have Chinese characters in many places. This Vietnamese yogurt not only has a variety of flavors but also is slightly more expensive than ordinary yogurt. Because of the choice of cantaloupe, aloe vera, jackfruit, passion fruit, and many other flavors, many people will choose to buy and taste it, the price is 10 yuan 4 boxes, 100g per box. However, some people said that they would not buy yogurt from unfamiliar brands because they did not understand their channels and were worried about quality problems.

2 ways to identify the imported yogurt
2 ways to identify the imported yogurt

For this kind of "Vietnamese Yogurt" which is very popular for a customer, some reporters also made an investigation. In some large-scale physical supermarkets, they did not find any sale, but they searched online and there was a "Vietnamese Yogurt" sold by an online shop. The monthly sales volume was as high as 2,000. To attract consumers, these merchants selling "Vietnamese Yogurt" have printed the words "100% Original Import" on the prominent page of the page.

Due to the recent exposure of “Vietnamese Yogurt” by CCTV News, many people have begun to pay attention to the issue of “Vietnamese Yogurt”. The inspection and quarantine bureaus of many provinces have clearly stated that Vietnamese dairy products have not been allowed to be imported.

Reminding: Yogurt imported from informal channels has certain risks. In the process of making yogurt, sterilization methods such as pasteurization are usually used to kill harmful organisms, but there may still be viruses, bacteria and infectious sources that cause human diseases. Therefore, the milk source must come from an area where quarantine is safe. Such yogurt with active lactic acid bacteria generally requires a cold environment of 2 to 6 degrees Celsius from transportation, storage to sale. The Vietnamese yogurt of unknown origin cannot be guaranteed due to the lack of effective supervision.

2 ways to identify the imported yogurt
2 ways to identify the imported yogurt

In this regard, the inspection and quarantine bureau staff also said: If we would like to know whether imported yogurt is regular, there are two ways to identify:

1. Check if the dairy product has a Chinese label. Imported foods for general trade routes should have Chinese labels that comply with China's laws and regulations and national food safety standards.

2. Check the inspection and quarantine certificate of the inbound goods. After the inspection and quarantine of the imported food industry, the inspection and quarantine institutions will issue inspection and quarantine certificates, and consumers can ask the dealers to check the information on imported dairy products purchased.

Pay attention! When buying imported yogurt, these two ways must be noted!

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