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Top 10 Hot Sales Milk Reviews

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Top 10 hot milk reviews tell you: What is the difference between regular milk, high-end milk, and organic milk?

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In the previous evaluation, we conducted a comparative review of ordinary pure milk, children's growth milk, and children's organic milk. The children's milk is not much more nutritious than pure milk. In some aspects, such as protein and fat, it is even lower than ordinary. But it added a lot of sugar and food additives, so we recommend to drink pure milk for your baby. If the baby can't accept the taste of pure milk, you can choose organic milk for children.
Some mothers said that we only used ordinary pure milk in the last period. There are a lot of high-end pure milk in the supermarket and even organic milk. So, which one is more nutritious? These high-end pure milk prices are much more expensive than regular milk. Is it worth the price? Don't worry; we will evaluate this issue.

The Results of Evaluation

  1. Nutritional value: high-end pure milk = high-end organic pure milk > ordinary pure milk
  2. Safety: High-end organic pure milk is the highest
  3. Price: high-end organic pure milk> high-end pure milk> ordinary pure milk
    We still choose the four major brands commonly found in our domestic temperature milk, Mengniu, Yili, Sanyuan, Shengmu, including ordinary pure milk, high-end pure milk, high-end organic pure milk, a total of 10 milk. (ps: Shengmu has only organic milk, no ordinary pure milk)

Assessment 1: Ingredients and shelf life

From the comparison of this ingredient list, it can be intuitively seen that the ingredients of pure milk, high-end organic milk, and organic pure milk are very simple, only have raw milk or organic raw milk, no other extra addition, the shelf life is also the same, all are six months.
So, what is the difference between raw milk and organic raw milk? Of course, we can't know it just from the ingredients. Let's take a look at what is organic food? Food divides into organic food, green food, pollution-free food, and typical food according to the safety level. Organic food is at the top of the food safety pyramid, and organic raw milk is natural food.

The whole process of production, processing, manufacturing, transportation, and storage of organic foods is under the organic agricultural production system and must comply with organic standards: the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, genetically modified foods, and their derivatives is strictly prohibited. The production process must have a full-process, organic quality tracking system, including tracking files for production and sales.
Some people will confuse organic food with green food and pollution-free food. The production process of organic food is more stringent. It must follow the production rules of organic agriculture, and there are organic certificates issued by organic certification bodies. Therefore, the safety of organic foods is relatively higher.

Parents should pay attention to the identification when purchasing, and check whether there is an organic certification mark on the package.

We have looked at the packaging boxes of the four pure organic milks of Telunsu, Jindian, Jizhi and Shengmu, all of which have the logo of China Organic Product Certification.

Safety recommendation index: organic pure milk> pure milk

Assessment 2: Nutrition Facts
In terms of nutrition, is pure organic milk more nutritious than ordinary pure milk? Let's take a look at the "nutrition list" of these ten kinds of milk:

(Let me remind you when looking at the nutrient composition table, we must pay attention to the amount of each serving, is it 100ml)
It is not difficult to see from the above table, whether it is Mengniu's Terunsu, Yili's Jindian or Sanyuan's Jizhi, the same brand of high-end pure milk and pure organic milk are exactly the same in energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, sodium, and calcium. Therefore, the same brand of pure milk and pure organic milk are no different in nutrition but higher than ordinary pure milk

The same brand of pure milk nutrition evaluation index: high-end pure milk = high-end organic pure milk > ordinary pure milk
Compared with different brands, Mengniu's Terunsu and Yili's Jindian has almost the same nutritional content, and the performance is relatively good. The nutrients we care about most are: protein is 3.6g/100ml, fat is 4.4g/100ml, and calcium is 120mg/100ml. Even with ordinary pure milk, Mengniu and Yili are slightly higher in protein and fat content.
Comparison of protein, fat, and calcium content (ranked by several nutrients):

The other three indicators: energy, carbohydrates, and sodium, are not included in the assessment of this category, because in our daily diet, milk is not the main energy and carbohydrate provider. The sodium in milk is almost negligible compared to the sodium in our daily diet. It's almost negligible.

Nutritional evaluation index for different brand products:

Assessment 3: Price
Finally, we are comparing prices, we compare them at a price of 100ml. (Refer to Jingdong supermarket’s price)

Different categories of milk prices:

Pure milk price comparison: pure milk <high-end pure milk < high-end organic pure milk
Price comparison of the same category of different brands (/100ml):
Sanyuan pure milk (0.8 yuan) <Mengniu pure milk (0.9 yuan) <Yili pure milk (1.2 yuan)
Mengniu Terunsu pure milk (1.7 yuan) = Sanyuan Jizhi pure milk (1.7 yuan) <Yili Jindian pure milk (2 yuan)
Shengmu organic pure milk (1.4 yuan) <Sanyuan Jizhi organic pure milk (2 yuan) < Mengniu Terunsu organic pure milk (2.2 yuan) = Yili Jindian organic pure milk (2.2 yuan)

In other words: in pure milk, the price of Sanyuan is the lowest; in high-end pure milk, Mengniu Trensu has the lowest price; in high-end organic pure milk, Shengmu has the lowest price.

From the perspective of dietary nutrition and health, the nutritional content of high-end pure milk and organic pure milk is indeed higher than that of ordinary pure milk. It has a reason for the high price.

Of course, this also depends on personal economic conditions. The higher protein and fat content in milk does indicate that the quality is better, but whether it takes two or three times the price to buy a few grams of protein and fat, the decision is right for you. You can also supplement it with one egg a day. Because every 100ml of milk, the protein that can be ingested is only 3.0~3.6g, fat is 3.6~4.4g, and each egg contains about 7g of protein and about 7g of fat.

However, from the perspective of calcium supplementation, high-end milk is 20mg higher than normal milk per 100ml, 250ml per box of milk, that is, 20mg*2.5=50mg calcium, 2 boxes of milk per day, unconsciously it will make up 100mg of calcium, which is quite good for the baby's growth.

The nutritional content of high-end pure milk and high-end organic pure milk is the same. How to choose milk, it is also necessary to start from your economic condition, after all, the safety of organic food is relatively higher.

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