Is Aptamil making my baby sick?

On July 11, according to the website of the General Customs Administration, the Aptamil infant formula powder of Danone Group(France) caused infant vomiting and gastrointestinal discomfort in Britain recently. The General Customs Administration contacted relevant enterprises to verify the situation. After verification, the infant formula powder mentioned in the report is the product in which Danone Group sale it in the European milk markets. It has not been imported into China through general trade channels, nor has it been introduced into the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce.


The General Administration of Customs reminds consumers that the foreign milk powder not always safe and be cautious in purchasing the product by direct mail from abroad. After the incident, Danone declared that Danone Nutricia always put the quality and safety of its products first. Nutricia UK has taken note of the relevant reports from foreign media on its new Aptamil formula recently launched in the UK market and attached great importance to it.

Before the introduction of the aptamil new formula, the company has carried out in-depth and comprehensive quality and safety testing of new products to ensure that the products are safe and milk nutritional facts are rich. The products are designed for the British market and are not officially imported into China. It is understood that Aptamil has recently changed the formula of three aptamil products.

 Hundreds of British parents left messages on the Facebook page of Aptamil saying their children vomited and get milk allergic after using milk powder. Consumers told the BBC that the baby had stomach and intestinal discomfort after drinking the new version of Aptamil First Infant, and found that the milk powder had not completely dissolved and formed a mass of residues, then they should find a new milk substitute.

In this regard, Danone Group is currently investigating the causes of the problem. Danone said it had carried out a comprehensive safety and quality inspection of its products, and stressed that "all opinions should be taken seriously". In response to the complaint, Danone aptamil UK said: "We assure parents that our top priority is product quality and safety.


Danone recently launched a new formula for Aptamil milk powder. We also recognize that some customers are unable to adapt to the new formula. Danone has conducted extensive quality and safety checks on these products, including clinical trials and product testing. The test results show that the new formula is safe and suitable for infants. We also updated the instructions on the package that parents need to shake the bottle violently for 10 seconds to dissolve the powder adequately.

Aptamil stressed to the BBC that the new formula must be shaken during the milk-making process. When was asked why to change the formula, Aptamil did not respond. The three milk powder products that altered the formula of Aptamil are: Aptamil First Infant Milk Powder (paragraph 1), Aptamil Follow On Milk Powder (paragraph 2) and Aptamil  Growing Up Milk Powder (paragraphs 3 and 4). It is known that at present, 800 grams of Aptamil infant milk powder 1 section is sold on the commercial platform of Tianmao. The pricing of milk powder is ¬• 220.

The product is authorized to be sold by Nutricia Early Life Nutrition Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Nutricia Early Life Nutrition Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established on June 4, 2013, with a registered capital of US$2 million. The business scope includes undertaking food distribution, commission agency (except auction) and import and export of shared services of companies or affiliated companies within its group, and providing related supporting services. One hundred percent of the shareholders contributing to the company are Danone Asia Pacific Holdings Limited in Singapore.

At present, the milk powder is divided into two and a half stars in Amazon's rating. On the top page of popular reviews, many consumers give bad comments. One consumer said, "Three times the baby vomits milk, absolute milk powder is a problem." There are also consumer messages saying that "milk powder has residues, the texture is not fine", and many other consumers complain that the sealing buckle of milk powder has been torn off, suspecting that the milk powder has been refilled. The same product Amazon buying page message has a number of consumers said that milk powder is not easy to dissolve, and wall hanging is serious.

Milk powder safety has always been a concern because children have high food requirements. We should not neglect that aflatoxin in milk powder poses a threat to the baby's health and even life. So what is aflatoxin?

The Cancer Research Institute of the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies aflatoxin as a 1st carcinogen and a highly toxic substance. Aflatoxin is harmful to human and animal liver tissue and can cause liver cancer or even death in severe cases. Main symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea and anorexia.