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How to make yogurt with milk powder?

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In recent years, DIY yogurt is very popular, and many chefs, food lovers, and housewives try to make yogurt at home. And when I first came into contact with DIY yogurt, it was the way that the teacher of food nutrition taught me when I was in college. At that time, he said: "Is there any classmate who likes to eat yogurt? I will tell you one way, the yogurt bought in the supermarket, left a little after drinking and add to the milk, then you will get a bowl of ferment yogurt."

At that time, I was very excited. When I was on vacation, I went home and did it once, but the next day I opened it and it was still milk. what the teacher said is simple, but it is different to do it by yourself. Later, after several failures, I discovered that the milk, the source of bacteria and the temperature of the yogurt had certain requirements.


Dairy products, the best protein content is >3.5%, whole milk is more easy to success than low-fat milk. AD calcium milk, Suansuanru is not milk. In terms of the source of the bacteria, choose the yogurt fermentation bacteria powder will have a higher success rate. The temperature is preferably maintained between 37 and 42 °C, such as a rice cooker, a yogurt machine, a bread machine, an oven, and the like.

For families with children, the most milk powder for babies in the family, can milk powder be used to make yogurt?

Milk powder plus water is reconstituted milk, which can also be seen on some yogurt packaging. Some yogurts on milk markets use reconstituted milk as raw material to ferment yogurt. Therefore, it is entirely feasible to use yogurt as yogurt, but pay attention to the proportion.

The proportion of sugar-free pure milk powder and water is 1:7. After stirring evenly, add the powder to ferment. The better the quality milk source of the milk powder is, the more delicious the yogurt is.  The yogurt made of high-quality milk powder, the quality is not worse than the yogurt made by milk.

If your milk powder added the sugar, you need to add less water because the sugar will dilute the protein content. The proportion of sweet milk powder and water is 1:5. The specific amount of water can be determined according to the protein content of the milk powder, and finally, the protein of the milk powder should be ≥3.5%.

Case one:
According to the ingredient list and milk nutritional facts, there are 20 grams of protein in 100 grams of milk powder. The calculation method is 20/3.5=5.7, then the milk powder: water = 1:5.7, and 100 grams of milk powder is added to 570 ml of water.

about milk powder
about milk powder

Situation two:
According to the ingredient list, there are 2.4 grams of protein per 100 milliliters of milk. The calculation method is 3.5/2.4=1.5. Originally, 1 spoonful of milk powder with 30ml, now it is necessary to increase the amount of milk powder and become 1.5 spoons with 30ml.

The choice of milk powder is also recommended choosing whole milk powder, the taste is more concentrated, and the milk nutrients are richer.

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