Does milk powder cause precocious puberty?

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In July 2010, three baby girls in Wuhan were suspected of having precocious puberty after eating a certain brand of milk powder. Their breasts began to grow and the level of estrogen of their body reached the level of adult women. After some medical treatment in the hospital, parents questioned that the same brand of milk powder that three people have consumed for a long time is the “culprit”.

According to reports, in July this year, Wuhan Children's Hospital diagnosed the 15-month-old Xiaofei  " breasts grow and vulva hyperemia, and recommending stopping drinking milk powder." After the diagnosis was broadcast on TV, the three parents suspected a brand of milk powder for babies that the child has been eating is the cause. After the incident was exposed, three similar cases occurred in Jiangxi, Shandong and Guangdong province.


Event progress:

August 5th: Wuhan three baby girls suspected of eating a brand of milk powder had caused sexual precocity.
August 7th: The open letter denied this incident is caused by their product from the manufacturer to the media.
August 8th: The pricing of milk is very high, and the manufacturer said that they will never return the money to the parents and claim that is a competitor’s defamation.
August 8th: Similar cases were found in Beijing, Guangdong province, Shandong province, and Jiangxi province.

August 9th: The number of parents of milk powder caused sexual precocity increased, and this milk company will accuse the Phoenix TV.
August 10: The Ministry of Health responds that the cause of precocious puberty is complicated.
August 12: Ministry of Health directly involved in investigating this case.
August 13th: Hubei government recognizes 3 baby girls as pseudo-precocious puberty and is questioned by parents of baby girls.

August 15th: Ministry of Health: Hubei infant precocious puberty has nothing to do with this brand of milk powder.
The Ministry of Health held a press conference at 3 pm on the 15th that there was no correlation between the breast precocious of those three babies in Hubei and the consumption of Syrutra You infant milk powder. The sampling result indicated that there is no hormone abnormality in this brand of milk powder and other infant formula milk powder on the milk markets.

August 16: Ministry of Health release the Q&A about precocious puberty knowledge
August 18: Li Keqiang (premier of the State Council)asks to destroy the problem milk powder to improve people's sense of consumer safety

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Survey results:

The Hubei Provincial Health Department organized an expert group to conduct a collective consultation on the case of Sexual precocity of 3 female infants. The diagnosis is that “the level of estrogen is normal”, which belongs to pseudo-precocious puberty.

The Ministry of Health announced the results of the survey, saying that the early development of the baby's breasts is not related to the milk powder which they had drunk. The recipe with milk powder of this brand and other infant formulas on the market are normal, nothing wrong with milk nutrients. With the publication of the results of the investigation by the Ministry of Health, the sensational incident of “a certain brand of milk powder suspected of causing precocious puberty” has come to an end.

But what factors can be contributed to children’s precocious puberty? Parents are eager to know the answer. Experts pointed out that the causes of precocious puberty in children are very complicated, such as improper diet, misuse of contraceptives, environmental hormones, accelerated growth, and early psychological stimulation. Sexual precocity is related to the health and well-being of children. Parents should pay attention to abnormalities in their development and take necessary measures.


Merchant response:

After the incident was disclosed, some consumers called the company and asked the company to recall the goods sold and give a reasonable explanation for the incident. In this regard, the Nutritional Food Co., Ltd. posted "an open letter to media" which more than 700 words on its official website, insisting that "the company produces and sells products without the addition of any substances such as 'hormone' and hoped that the government functional department will announce the test results as soon as possible. " 

At the same time, in the "open letter", they said that the products produced and sold by the company are safe, and there is no behavior of adding any "hormone" and other illegal substances. The products have been repeatedly tested by the government departments, and no quality problems have been found. It is regrettable that some media have taken out of context and deliberately distorted the facts. It is unscientific and irrational to determine that formula milk powder causes "precocious puberty". At the same time, it calls on the government to intervene early to clarify the authenticity of the matter.

At the same time, they entrusted famous international and domestic law firms to appeal to the two media that first published the incident, accusing the two media of quote articles out of context, fabricating the lie that ti is the milk powder caused precocious puberty, disturbing the society, and deceiving the consumers who did not know the truth. Defame China's famous brand, and seriously interfere with the normal operation of enterprises.

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