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How is powdered milk produced? Is it safety?

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The production of milk powder is a very complicated process and requires a lot of production equipment. In the milk company, the equipment required for the two processes of milk powder production is different. This article has made a detailed analysis of the heavy equipment needed for wet processing and dry processing.

milk powder equipment
milk powder equipment

Wet process production equipment

(1) Milk storage equipment
The milk powder wet-production process directly mixes raw materials with fresh milk. It needs a fresh milk source all the time. This requires a complete set of milk storage equipment. Many milk powder processing factories have not yet realized to build the production bases and cattle companies together, so they have generally transported the milk by the cold chain and the cost is very high, and this cause the pricing of milk powder is also very high. After the milk reaches the production base, these fresh milk are put into the milk storage tank uniformly to ensure that the fresh milk temperature required by the factory is between 0 and 4 degrees. The milk storage tank should have a stable chest or insulation system, and the factory's milk storage capacity should be more than 30 tons.

(2) Milk-cleaning equipment
For the wet process production, the centrifugal washing machine is generally used. The processing speed is very fast, about 5000 kg per hour. The general milk powder processing needs to have 2 sets of such equipment.

milk powder equipment
milk powder equipment

(3) Homogenizer
The so-called homogenizer is to mix fresh milk and raw materials to make them more uniform. Now we use a 2nd-stage high-pressure homogenizer. The processing capacity is generally 5000 kg per hour, and each milk powder factory needs at least 2 sets of Homogenizer equipment.

(4) Refrigeration equipment
The refrigeration equipment is generally ammonia or fluorine refrigeration unit or other equivalent equipment, and the cooling capacity is above 54kw under standard working conditions.

(5) Batching equipment
The batching equipment includes electronic scale equipment and high-speed shearing equipment. The batching measurement adopts mass measurement, and the high-speed shearing is on the line shearing or in-can shearing.

(6) Concentration equipment
The concentrating equipment includes a double-effect or multi-effect vacuum concentrating evaporator, and the single-machine evaporation capacity is generally above 2400 kg per hour.

(7) Sterilization equipment
The sterilization equipment is in a tube (sheet) type or another equivalent sterilization machine, and the heat recovery rate of the sterilization machine is above 90%.

(8) High-pressure pump
The processing capacity of a milk powder processing plant is generally 500 kg or more per hour.

(9) Spray drying equipment
Most of the current use of vertical spray drying equipment, single tower water evaporation capacity of more than 500 kg per hour.

(10) Air purification system
The milk powder processing plant uses an air purification system of more than 300,000 level, which does not require the dust amount. This extends the shelf life of milk powder.

(11) Packaging equipment
The milk powder processing plant uses a fully automatic packaging machine with a closed or semi-closed automatic packaging machine with an automatic weight weighing and automatic calibration system.

(12) Cleaning equipment
The milk powder processing adopts automatic CIP cleaning equipment, which has no blind angle and covers all production lines.

Dry process production equipment

(1) Metering equipment
The dry process is generally a dry powder of some raw materials. Firstly, the metering equipment for raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products are generally used, and generally by measured weight.

(2) Premixing equipment
The premixing equipment used in the milk powder processing plant is mostly semi-closed.

(3) Mixing equipment
The dry powder process uses an automatic metering or non-automatic metering mixer. The mixing equipment has two kinds which are closed and continuous, with a processing capacity of 500 kg or more per hour.

(4) Tunnel sterilization equipment
The dry powder sterilization method is ultraviolet sterilization or other sterilization facilities. The tunnel sterilization equipment is continuous and semi-closed sterilization, and the object of sterilization is to purify the air.

(5) Packaging equipment
To improve production efficiency, the milk powder factory generally uses the automatic packaging machine which is the closed or semi-closed automatic packaging machine with automatic weight measurement and automatic correction system.

(6) Air purification system
The purification system used in the dry process and the wet process is an air purification system of more than 300,000 poles.

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