September 22, 2019
How To Make Milk Powder? Three Types of Processes

How to make milk powder?There are three kinds of milk powder production processes: wet process, dry process, and dry-wet composite process. Dry-wet mixing processes are between wet process and dry process. What are the differences between these three processes? Today we will take you to know about them. 1. Wet process Wet process is mean […]

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August 20, 2019
How to choose the right nutrients food to your baby?

We all know that the human body needs more than 100 kinds of facts about nutrients, summed up as seven major nutritional facts, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins, water, dietary fiber and so on. Today, let's talk about how to eat and absorb some typical nutrients better. Common minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, […]

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August 16, 2019
How to feed milk powder for babies?

Yesterday, a friend suddenly asked me if my child be fed with milk powder. I said, of course. She continued to ask, are there any baby who doesn't eat milk powder around you? I thought about it for a while, it seems that there is none of the babies around me had ever drunk milk […]

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August 7, 2019
What is Powder Milk?

What is powdered milk? Milk powder is a powder made from fresh cow milk or sheep milk, which sterilizes the moisture in raw milk through various steps, and dehydrates the moisture by heating or cooling. The raw material of milk powder is not only fresh milk of cow and sheep but also various types of vitamins, minerals, and […]

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July 30, 2019
Top 12 Brands Powder Milk Reviews

Previously, according to the "3-step milk selection method", the comprehensive quality list of milk powder has won the approval of many mons and dads. Many parents who have consulted with the cages said that after reading, they can give the baby more generous milk powder and know how to according to the raw material table to […]

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July 27, 2019
What should I do if my baby eats the expired milk powder?

Don't drink the expired milk! Did parents have such experience: the baby's milk powder is out of date, but you did not know before, and you suddenly panicked; the milk powder you brought, and you even do not know the milk powder has expired for the baby to eat before discovering, then you fell upset! […]

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July 24, 2019
How to choose powder milk for babies with poor digestion?

After the birth of the baby, most mothers have two fears: the baby’s poor immune systems and poor digestion. The digestive system is considered to be the largest immune organ in the body. When digestion is poor, milk nutrients can not be well absorbed and utilized, which naturally affects the development of the baby's immune system. […]

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