How to choose the right nutrients food to your baby?

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We all know that the human body needs more than 100 kinds of facts about nutrients, summed up as seven major nutritional facts, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins, water, dietary fiber and so on. Today, let's talk about how to eat and absorb some typical nutrients better.

Common minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium are familiar to everyone. There are comprehensive calcium, iron, zinc and selenium mixtures. Calcium, iron, zinc and selenium mixtures will be proportioned according to the recommended amount of application according to dietary guidelines. They are more suitable for all kinds of babies who are short of anything, and relatively short fewer babies. It is recommended to take them after breakfast. For individual calcium, iron, and zinc preparations, it is "early zinc, late calcium, iron at noon", that is, to eat zinc supplement products in the morning, calcium supplement products in the evening, iron supplement products at noon.

Zinc: I believe you are familiar with it. You often see advertisements for Zinc on TV. When is zinc better to eat? It is suggested that zinc be absorbed better after breakfast or before breakfast. For example, protein zinc is recommended to eat before breakfast. Zinc is a good supplement of nutrients, but also relatively easy to lose, zinc will be lost with our sweat, urine, especially in the hot weather season, it is recommended to give appropriate zinc supplements to babies.


Calcium: It can be said that Calcium is the nutrient we are the most familiar with. It is recommended that we take it before going to bed after dinner. It can not only promote sleep but also help the baby grow up. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. is the time when the secretion of growth hormone is the most vigorous. Eating cod liver oil while supplementing calcium can help the group to promote calcium absorption. What is the relationship between calcium and cod liver oil?

Fish liver oil: Calcium and cod liver oil can be said to be "golden partnership". For example, besides the highway, there is a high-quality Ferrari sports car. Calcium is equivalent to Ferrari's "engine". So what kind of car is needed to start? It's gasoline, so cod liver oil is quite a gasoline. So many mothers complain that the baby has been supplementing calcium for a long time, or there is a lack of calcium. What can we do at this time? Ask if you have some cod liver oil when supplementing calcium to your baby.

The best time to take cod liver oil is before breakfast and lunch. Fish liver oil is fat, which is better for digestion and absorption at this time. If some babies may have vomit and diarrhea on an empty stomach, then some mothers will ask why they can't eat with calcium at night, and eating with calcium at night is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of cod liver oil. When it comes to cod liver oil, many mothers will say that my baby does not eat it. Why not? Most mothers do not feed their babies the right way. Be sure to remember to teach beginner mothers how to eat cod liver oil for their babies, that is, to cut off the cod liver oil and drip it into the baby's mouth.

Iron:  It is a relatively unfamiliar nutrient, but also a relatively difficult nutrient to supplement. Iron supplementation should be maintained for at least three months. Iron generally has a bad taste and a greater irritation to the intestine and stomach. It is recommended to supplement it after lunches. Vitamin C supplementation can also help iron absorption by eating some vitamin C, or fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, especially vitamin C supplementation can increase iron absorption by four times.

Vitamin: There are many types of vitamins or vitamin fudge, but also a separate vitamin C, vitamins can be taken with meals. There are also pregnant women multivitamins, pregnant women multivitamins generally contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to take after lunch or with meals. It is also a familiar nutrient, commonly known as "Brain Gold", which contributes to the development of the brain and eye retina, and plays an important role in enhancing memory and thinking ability and intelligence. Common fish oil and algae oil, algae oil is relatively better. DHA recommends eating one hour after breakfast to avoid eating in the evening. It is not recommended eating on an empty stomach, which may cause yellow diarrhea in the baby.


Probiotics: It's also familiar to everyone. It's recommended to eat it in the morning. Babies with constipation symptoms and indigestion are advised to take it before breakfasts. Babies with diarrhea are advised to take it after breakfasts. If the baby is sick with antibiotics, take probiotics two hours apart. When taking probiotics, warm water should be used at about 37 degrees Celsius.


Stachyose and dietary fiber: It is easy to be confused. Stachyose is water-soluble dietary fiber. Stachyose is the best probiotic, nicknamed "super probiotic". Probiotics can be understood as food for probiotics, promoting the proliferation of probiotic bacteria, protecting intestines, and helping to detoxify and remove lead. Warm water is recommended for meals. Dietary fiber can improve intestinal peristalsis, alleviate constipation, and help to detoxify and remove lead. It is recommended that warm water be taken with meals. The above nutrients are more common in our daily lives. Supplementary awareness is good, but absorption is more important, nutrition facts will be better to eat and absorb! Do you remember?

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