Be careful! 9 hazards of over-drinking yogurt!

For the female, yogurt is indeed a wonderful thing, not only delicious but also beauty and beauty. However, yogurt is not good for drinking too much. What happens when yogurt is drunk? What is the disadvantage of drinking yogurt?

1. Destroy the balance of intestinal flora and reduce the digestive function.

What will happen if yogurt is drunk?

Yogurt has always been the health care product for those who are allergic to milk. Many people think that there is no disadvantage in yogurt, and they often drink yogurt as a meal. The probiotics in the yogurt are also quite good. However, dietitians have said that if the body ingests too many bacteria, it will destroy the balance of the flora in the human intestines, which will reduce the digestive function.

2. Yogurt is low in calories, but drinking too much can lead to fat. Indeed, yogurt is relatively low in calories.

 However, if you drink too much yogurt, it may cause weight gain because of the excessive absorption of heat. The reason is that yogurt itself also contains a certain amount of calories, drinking yogurt after a meal is equivalent to the extra intake of these calories, which will cause fat.

3. Much yogurt caused by too much stomach acid, will destroy the electrolyte balance in the body. 

Drinking too much yogurt can easily cause excessive gastric acid, affecting the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, reducing appetite and destroying the electrolyte balance in the human body. In particular, people who usually have too much stomach acid, often feel spleen and stomach, and bloating, can not drink too much. Drinking yogurt every day is good for you, but it is not advisable to drink too much. For healthy people, it is appropriate to drink one or two cups a day. Each cup is suitable for about 125 grams. Moreover, it is best to drink from half an hour to an hour after a meal, which can regulate the intestinal flora and is good for your body.

Be careful! 9 hazards of over-drinking yogurt!
Be careful! 9 hazards of over-drinking yogurt!

4. Besides, drinking a cup of milk in the morning, and a cup of one at night is good for you.

 However, it is important to remember that when drinking yogurt at night, certain strains and acidic substances in yogurt have certain damage to the teeth. After drinking, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.

Yogurt can't be heated. Yogurt is fermented, so it is usually kept in the refrigerator. In winter, sometimes I want to drink yogurt, but it’s too cold, and I am worried that it will make the stomach uncomfortable. However, I am afraid that it will destroy its nutritional value after heating.

Yogurt can be heated, but it is not a sensible choice to heat at high temperatures. The reason why we say that yogurt should not be heated is that the most valuable lactic acid bacteria in killing yogurt. It can produce lactic acid, which can increase the acidity of the intestines and inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria as well as reduce the production of toxins in the intestines. Heating treatment will increase the activity of lactic acid bacteria, which will be even greater to our stomach. Therefore, yogurt can be heated.

TIPS: If you would like to drink “warm” yogurt, you can put the yogurt into the warm water of 45 or so and slowly warm it up. With warming and shaking, the packaging will be warm, then you can drink it.

5. Mix yogurt with other food if you want. When having breakfast, you can drink yogurt with bread and snacks, which will taste good and especially nutritious.
However, in our daily lives, yogurt can not be eaten with any food. Never drink it with processed meats such as sausages and bacon. Because there is nitrate in the processed meat, that is nitrous acid, which will form a nitrosamine together with the amine in the yogurt, and it is a carcinogen. At the same time, yogurt can not be taken with certain drugs, such as chloramphenicol, erythromycin, and other antibiotics, sulfa drugs, etc., because they will kill or destroy the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

TIPS: Also, you can't drink yogurt with medicine. If you like to eat yogurt, you can mix yogurt with starchy foods such as rice, noodles, buns, steamed buns, bread, etc.

6. Drinking yogurt when you have not eaten anything, then you will feel your stomach is full. 

When you are hungry if there is a bottle of yogurt next to you, will you drink? Yes, of course. Yogurt can make you feel not hungry, but you’d better do not drink yogurt when you feel hungry. Because the acidity in the stomach is high on an empty stomach, drinking yogurt at this time will make the unique lactic acid bacteria killed easily by stomach acid, then the health effects of the yogurt will be greatly weakened. Therefore, it is good for you to drink yogurt in 1 to 2 hours after a meal. At this time, the gastric juice is diluted, and the PH in the stomach is most suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria.

TIPS: It is not advisable to drink yogurt immediately after a meal. You can choose to drink after a meal or at night. Drinking yogurt at night is more beneficial to you.

7. Sour milk is equal to yogurt. There are different types of milk, which will make people can not identify real yogurt.

 You are likely to buy a fake one. Yogurt is the fermentation of milk through lactic acid bacteria, in essence, it is still milk.

However, a sour milk drink is just a drink with a sour additive, it is just a kind of drink, not milk. The biggest difference between the two is that there is a big difference in the number of nutrients they contain. The nutrition of yogurt drinks is far from high in yogurt.

TIPS: You can drink the sour milk drink as a refreshing drink or a thirst-quenching drink, or a drink to regulate your life. But don't drink it instead of milk and yogurt.

8. Yogurt is not necessarily better than milk.

Yogurt is obtained by fermenting milk, so many people think that the yogurt formed after fermentation will be more nutritious. In fact, from a nutritional point of view, the difference between the two does not vary greatly. But it must be said that yogurt is indeed easier to be digested and absorbed than milk so that the nutrients it contains can be fully absorbed by the body.

Also, because some people are lack of lactase that can digest the lactose contained in milk, which affects the digestion, absorption, and utilization of milk, and even causes the stomach upset and even diarrhea after drinking milk, so we can drink the yogurt instead of milk.

TIPS: That doesn’t mean that people who can't digest lactose can not drink yogurt. They can eat some starchy foods when drinking milk. This will not diarrhea.

9. It is helpful to digest when people drink yogurt. 

And it can also regulate the body's bacterial balance and makes the skin smoother. Its protein and vitamins can help people beauty and beauty. However, it is not suitable for everyone to drink yogurt. Especially when drinking diarrhea or other intestinal diseases, you should be cautious.

Also, a small baby who is under 1 year old should not drink yogurt. Because the child is in infancy, the development of the gastrointestinal system is not perfect, the gastric mucosal barrier is not perfect, and the gastric acid and pepsin activities are low, so the yogurt cannot be digested. Diabetic patients, patients with atherosclerosis, cholecystitis, and pancreatitis patients are also advised not to drink sugary full-fat yogurt, because it will make the condition worse.

TIPS: Of course, many people are also suitable for drinking yogurt, such as people who drink regularly, or regular smokers, computer operators, constipation patients, antibiotic patients, osteoporosis patients, cardiovascular disease patients.