It may lack such things if dairy cows suffer from diseases

Why dairy cows will suffer from diseases?

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It may lack such things if dairy cows suffer from diseases
It may lack such things if dairy cows suffer from diseases

Mineral elements play a very important role in regulating the life activities of the body. Although they are very few in the body, it is easy to cause a mineral deficiency in practical production, resulting in the reduction of a dairy production performance and even the death of cattle, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. So I would like to introduce some clinical symptoms of mineral deficiency in dairy cows to you, hoping to help them.

1. Calcium deficiency showed that cows were slow to respond, sleepy, long-term deficiency caused hind body tremor, limb and foot weakness. Low calcium can lead to stillbirth and placenta retention. Milk-producing fever is a major calcium deficiency that plagues the dairy industry.

2. Phosphorus deficiency can reduce food intake and milk production, wasting, sleepiness, growth retardation, reproductive damage, estrus retardation, and skeletal abnormalities, increase the incidence of uterine inflammation and reduce the body's immune system function. The clinical manifestations of phosphorus deficiency are similar to those of cobalt deficiency. Serious can cause animal heterophilia. Phosphorus deficiency reduces animal performance faster than calcium deficiency.

3. Copper deficiency manifests colorless or discolored fur, stunted growth, diarrhea symptom, and unexpected sudden death. Reduce the fecundity of dairy cows and bull sperm quality, increase the incidence of genuine gastric ulcer, cow babies can not drink milk, ataxia, stiff gait, angular arch reflex and the hind body lying down. Skeletal abnormalities, wound rupture, plantar ulcer, rotten hoof, damaged keratinization, and rough fur. Cardiovascular disease and immune response decreased.

4. Selenium deficiency is characterized by severe Leucomyopathy, diarrhea, muscle rigidity, and unexpected sudden death from heart failure. Especially the lying-down symptoms of parturient female cows are similar to milk fever.

5. Iodine deficiency manifests reproductive disorders, estrus suppression, stillbirth, abortion, prolonged pregnancy for more than 9 days, hairless or weak calves, retained placenta, goiter, reduced milk production, susceptible to rotten hoofs, respiratory diseases, mastitis, actinomycosis.

6. Clinical manifestations of zinc deficiency mainly occur in calves, while subclinical deficiency is more likely to occur in adult dairy cattle. It shows weak hoof horn, toe Mesothelitis or rotten hoof, reduces fertility rate, seriously damages sperm maturation, reduces feed intake and growth rate, sleepiness, decreased immunity, and imperfect keratosis.

7. Manganese deficiency shows resting estrus, reduces fertility, abortion, reduces birth weight, increases the birth rate of bulls, paralysis and bone damage.

8. Magnesium deficiency manifests irritability, tremor, stomatitis, sensory hypersensitivity, convulsions, ataxia, and death.

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