Is powdered milk good for adults?

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Shopping in milk markets can often see various brands of old milk powder, domestic, imported and so on, the prices of they are quite different. What's the difference between these old milk powder and ordinary milk powder? Do the elderly need to supplement milk powder in daily life?

What's the difference between old milk powder and ordinary milk powder?

The types of milk powder for the elderly are richer based on adding calcium and vitamin D in milk. There are usually types of milk powder for the aged.
1. Adding dietary fiber and probiotics to improve the intestinal flora environment and it is helpful to the intestinal and gastrointestinal system and digestive system functions.
2. Adding fish oil and high-quality fatty acids can help prevent chronic diseases, help memory and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
3. Adding protein and micronutrients as dietary supplements.


Is it necessary for the elderly to drink milk powder?

Older people get older, bad teeth, poor appetite, and the elderly have a high probability of osteoporosis. There are three groups of people who need to drink milk powder at ordinary times:
1. For people with bad teeth and poor chewing ability, they are not only lack of protein, but also many kinds of minerals. Therefore, drinking milk powder with mineral elements can effectively supplement milk nutrients.

2. For people with poor appetite and who had reduced his food intake, drinking milk powder every day is also conducive to increasing intestinal peristalsis and improving the intestinal environment. For the people who have Hyperglycemia symptoms, Hypertension, and Hyperlipidemia symptoms, it is necessary to strictly control the intake of fat and carbohydrates, so low-sugar, high-protein milk powder can be selected as part of the three meals.

3. For lactose-intolerant people, attention should be paid to whether milk powder contains lactose or low lactose in labels. Advanced production technology can degrade lactose into monosaccharides which can be easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. It is suitable for people with lactose intolerance to drink.

But for people who can ensure normal exercise and diet every day, it is not necessary to consider the old milk powder. If you need to supplement high-quality protein, you can consider using animal protein such as milk, meat or plant protein and soybean, tofu; if you are worried about insufficient dietary fiber intake, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, if you think it is big, you should cut into small pieces; if you want to ingest high-quality fat, you can add nuts and other foods as a supplement for daily snacks. Or add deep-sea fish as a good source of fat.


What should we pay attention to when choosing aged milk powder?

1. Labels and labels on the packaging of middle-aged and old-aged milk powder should be complete.
2. The milk nutritional facts of the selected milk powder for middle-aged and old-aged people should be complete and the content should be reasonable.
3. The milk powder with good quality has good mixing ability, no caking after washing, milky white liquid and strong taste of milk flavor.
4. Choose milk powder according to the situation of oneself or elders;
5. Strengthened milk powder containing various nutrients should be packaged with the maximum amount of drinkable milk per day. After all, inadequate and excessive nutrient intake is not good for the body. A balanced diet is always the key. No milk powder can replace it.

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