How do you start raising beef cattle?

1. Construction of cattle shed

Due to reduce cattle feed prices, most of the beef cattle farmers are small and medium scale. Because of the small scale, farmers often do not invest too much money in the construction of cattle shed. The cattle rancher does not lay stress on the construction of cattle shed at all, but simply use the old house to rebuild or simply build cattle shed. Such cattle shed has many problems, such as low and narrow, dim light, poor air circulation, and humidity. Besides, it is prone to heat preservation difficulties in winter and hot and humid in summer. Beef cattle living in such an environment will inevitably affect their normal growth and health.

Beef Cattle
Beef Cattle

Qualified cattle shed can be simple but not basic. Firstly, good air circulation and light should be ensured. Secondly, conditions should be created to keep the cowshed warm in winter and cool in summer as far as possible. Finally, feeding and management should be as convenient as possible to reduce the working pressure of the breeders.

2.Problems of feed nutrition

Beef cattle like Simmental cattle are mainly raised in captivity, and the source of their feed is a big problem. Many farmers feel a headache for it. In most areas, it is difficult to obtain high-quality fresh forage, especially in the dry season of winter, farmers can only use various kinds of crop straw and dregs as beef cattle feed. And because of their low nutritional value and single can not meet the needs of beef cattle growth for nutrition, coupled with the influence of breeding concepts or funds, some farmers will not feed beef cattle concentrate, which will cause slow growth of them.

For beef cattle to grow fast, it is necessary for the cattle company to ensure adequate nutritional intake. For roughage, the local resource conditions can be maximized to make a diversified mix, and a variety of straws and dregs can be used to mix in an appropriate proportion. At the same time, silage, ammoniation, hydrazine shortening, and crushing should be used to maintain the nutrients in the roughage or improve the utilization rate of the roughage. The main function of roughage is to satisfy the hunger of beef cattle, which is difficult to provide the nutrition needed for beef cattle growth. Besides, sufficient concentrate should be supplemented according to the growth rate of beef cattle.

Beef Cattle
Beef Cattle

3.Problems of beef cattle reproduction

Beef cattle breeding requires high experience and technology, but small and medium-sized farmers do not pay much attention to the breeding process of beef cattle, resulting in poor quality of cattle breeds, mixed breeding of male and female, free mating and even inbreeding and many other problems, which will result in premature delivery, weak physique and poor breed of offspring calves. Low feed utilization rate, weight gain and meat yield, and poor resistance, which will bring unnecessary losses to farmers.

It is suggested that farmers should adopt artificial insemination technology and use the semen of improved beef cattle to inseminate female cattle to improve the offspring of beef cattle. At the same time, the cost of breeding bulls can be reduced. Artificial insemination, however, requires a high level of technology. Farmers should learn systematically and then operate it, or seek the help of breeding staff in animal husbandry stations or cattle market.

4.Problems of beef cattle epidemic prevention

Prevention is greater than cure, but most small and medium-sized farmers do not have the concept of epidemic prevention, blindly wait for the beef cattle to get sick and then seek help for treatment. However, once the cattle get a respiratory infection, no matter the treatment effect is good or bad, it will cause certain losses. In serious cases, numerous cattle casualties will bring great losses to farmers.

To reduce the morbidity of beef cattle to the greatest extent, farmers should formulate epidemic prevention procedures according to the local epidemic situation of cattle disease, and regularly carry out insect repellent, stomach- invigorating and other health measures for beef cattle.