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What's Different Between Having Daily Milk And Non-Milk Life?

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Do people who drink milk every day, and those who never drink milk have a difference in physical fitness?

What is the difference?

Jug of milk on old wooden table in rustic style, selective focus
Jug of milk on old wooden table in rustic style, selective focus

Milk, a very ordinary but very nutritious drink, has always been favored by most people as an animal drink. The difference between people who drink milk and those who don't drink milk is different. Its variations are in the strength of the bones and the resistance to external diseases or adverse factors. Of course, many people do not drink milk; they may get high-quality protein and abundant calcium from other animal foods. Nor can it be partial. Undoubtedly, daily drinking of milk does have a good effect on the body.

What is the effect on the body by insisting on drinking milk?
First, milk can provide energy to the body:
Milk is rich in protein substances, and the protein itself is one of the three major nutrients. Drinking milk can replenish energy for the body and provide ample power for work and study.

Calcium supplement, its most potent role:
When it comes to calcium supplementation, the first thing that thinks and plays the most is milk. It is rich in animal calcium and easy to be absorbed by the human body. It is much stronger than bone soup and shrimp skin. And vitamin D and lactose in milk can also promote the absorption of calcium, which is also a highlight.

Promote brain development and function:
Milk contains a lot of lactose. When lactose enters the body, it breaks down into a molecule of glucose and a fragment of galactose. Our brain and its nervous tissue are made up of galactose and other nutrients. So milk plays a decisive role in mental development and regular brain work.

Appropriate tranquillity:
Milk contains tryptophan, which can help the body secrete melatonin. This substance can promote sleep and prevent insomnia. Of course, the effect of food is not significant, because the amount of drinking is minimal.

How to drink milk is healthier?
How much to drink: According to the recommended amount in the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents, the adults should have 300 grams of milk and dairy products per day. For better calcium supplementation, you ca drink 300 grams of milk per day (if you drink not enough, you can substitute dairy products). For individual people such as children, pregnant women, and the elderly, it is recommended to increase the amount of milk properly.

Some small details of drinking milk:
Warm milk is the most reliable: warm milk (35-40 ) is most suitable for the gastrointestinal. Not easy to irritate. The human body has the most reliable comfort.

Without sugar is the most reliable: reduce the intake of refined sugar, your body will be healthier, farther away from dental caries, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases. The most natural taste is better; if you feel that the feeling is monotonous, you can add a few drops of honey, but not excessive.

Choose a small package of milk, can not be left. Milk is not convenient to save; it is easy to be affected by microbes. So it is recommended that you buy small packaged milk, drink it at one time, refuse the rest.

Milk should fill in the dark: milk itself contains substances such as riboflavin and porphyrin that are sensitive to light. It is easy to affect the flavor of milk after exposure to sunlight; therefore, milk should be out of sunlight and cold during storage.

Healthy drinking of milk, in contrast, drinking milk will undoubtedly be stronger than those who don't drink milk. Because the absorption rate of calcium in milk is indeed quite high, and the taste of this drink is also excellent, everyone is more acceptable.
Therefore, highly recommend to drink milk, mainly stick to it, which is both good for children and the elderly.

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