The tools and methods for swine pregnancy testing

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What is the significance of the early pregnancy diagnosis of sows?

For farms, whether they are pregnant during breeding is always a matter of concern. Early pregnancy diagnosis of sows in order to shorten the reproductive cycle of sows and increase the annual litter size of sows, early pregnancy diagnosis of sows after breeding is needed.

But do you know any more commonly used tools and methods for pig pregnancy testing?

Are you still using outdated methods?

Do you know which tools and methods are right for you?

Are you sure that these tools are inconvenient to use?

Don't worry, this article will bring you the answer!

Use experience to determine whether a pig is pregnant.

Diagnosis based on estrous cycle and pregnancy symptoms. This method does not require any equipment and medicine, is simple and easy to use, and is widely used in pig production. Generally speaking, sows do not show estrus after a estrus period after mating, basically sows are pregnant, the external performance is: tired sleepiness does not want to move, temperament is gentle and steady movement, appetite increases fastness, fur is bright Close to the body, the tail droops naturally, and the pussy shrinks into a line.

However, sows that are no longer estrus after breeding cannot be absolutely sure that they are pregnant, because some sows have a delayed estrus cycle, and some sows die early in fertilization or the embryos are absorbed by the mother due to poor nutrition due to poor nutrition Cause long-term estrus. Therefore, there will be some errors in judging the pregnancy according to whether it is estrus after breeding.

This is the method that people use for the longest time. This method is simple to operate, and only needs to be observed carefully, do a good job of analysis, and use previous experience to complete.

However, due to the low accuracy of this method and the long observation time, it has been gradually eliminated by people.

Use pig urine to verify that the pig is pregnant

The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Take 15 ml of fresh urine from 8 to 10 in the morning of the sow and collect it in a transparent glass.
  2. Put a few drops of vinegar or a little iodine into the glass bottle containing urine, then place the glass on a small fire, gradually warm until the urine boils, and observe the urine color to judge whether the sow is pregnant.
  3. If the urine is red, the sow is pregnant. If the urine is light yellow or brownish green, and the color disappears immediately after cooling, it means that the sow is not pregnant.

This is based on years of farming experience. It may not be very accurate, and the number of people using it is gradually decreasing.

Veterinary A-mode:

  1. Principle: The ultrasonic wave conducted by the amniotic fluid when the sow is pregnant makes the instrument sound to judge whether the sow is pregnant.
  2. It is necessary to find the measurement position accurately, otherwise the bladder and other devices will be misjudged. In addition, hydrocephalus, mammary gland yan, etc. will also affect the judgment of the instrument, so there are many factors affecting the pregnancy measurement with veterinary A-ultrasound, and the probability of misjudgment is greater.
  3. In order to obtain accurate test results, the earliest test can be carried out 25 days after the breeding of the sow, and the test is repeated after 30 days to ensure accurate test results.
  4. The instrument is inexpensive and suitable for free-range households and pig farms.

Veterinary B ultrasound:

With the advancement of science and technology, there has been a special pregnancy tester to detect whether an animal is pregnant: Veterinary B ultrasound.

  • Veterinary B-ultrasound pregnancy tester is used for early diagnosis of animal pregnancy, identification of follicular development, estrus, fetal number and sex;
  • Diagnose diseases of animal reproductive system;
  • Detection of animal backfat and eye muscle area.

Make breeding farms, dairy farms, pig farms and breeding centers improve breeding efficiency; increase litter production and milk production; reduce empty space and feed waste rate.

Pig Pregnancy Examination:

The inspected sow can freely stand or lie on its side in the feed restriction pen, and explore on the inner thigh and finally the outer wall of the nipple. When probing, it is only necessary to apply the coupling agent to the probe, and then stick it on the lower abdominal wall. There is no damage and irritation during the exploration. It has the characteristics of short exploration time, no stress and high accuracy. The image is intuitive. When you see the dark area of the black gestational sac or the bone image of the fetus, you can confirm the positive of early pregnancy. Early pregnancy monitoring can be performed as early as 18 days after breeding, and the accuracy of pregnancy monitoring can reach 100% on 22 days.

Although the accuracy of veterinary ultrasound can reach 100%, but the cost of testing is too high, it is not the first choice for many small and medium-sized farms.

Pig Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit

It is the correct product and tool you choose. It can detect porcine pregnancy hormones in pig urine. You only need to collect some urine in a paper cup, and then use the test strip to test. The entire process takes only 8-10 minutes, and the cost is surprisingly low. Especially suitable for small farmers or pet pigs.

If you want to quickly know if the pig is pregnant, and you don't want to operate too complicated, don't want to wait for a long time, don't want to spend a lot of costs, want to test anytime, anywhere. Then Pig Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit will be your best choice.

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