Pig Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit (R&D)

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For all kinds of pregnant pigs

Specs:25T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
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The Pig Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit is based on the Colloidal gold immunochromatography to detect the whole blood and serum of porcine. This kit can be applied for on-site rapid testing by various departments.

Test KIT
40 pcs
40 bottles
Titer Card
PE Groves
1 packet
Product instruction
Storage & shelf-life
At 2~30℃, out of sun light & moisture, 24 months

Test procedure
1. Pipetting the whole blood, centrifuge for 5-15 minutes at 2000-3000 r/m to separate the serum. It can also be left standing overnight at 4℃ to separate out the serum. Or test the whole blood without anticoagulant immediately.
2. Take out and place the card on the flat desk.
3. Absorb the sample and add 3 drops into the sample well carefully.
6. Read the result for 10-20 minutes. The result after 20 minutes is invalid.

Interpretation of results
Positive: line C&T appear
Negative: only line c appear
Invalid: line T&C does not appear or only the line T appear.

Results illustration
Weak positive:
Refer to the instruction

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    Pig Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit

    The significance of pig pregnancy rapid test

    Judging by experience:

    Quick and accurate determination of whether a pig is pregnant will not only prevent feed waste caused by pig emptying, but also improve the production performance of the entire farm and reduce the number of non-productive days of the pig. Therefore, accurately judging whether the pig is pregnant is of great significance to pig production.
    Generally speaking, there are common methods for pigs to measure pregnancy based on experience judgment, veterinary A-ultrasound and veterinary B-ultrasound.
    Sometimes observing pigs based on experience, or pushing fake boars or even rushing boars to the pig pen to try their love pig!

    Veterinary A-mode:

    (1) Principle: The ultrasonic wave conducted by the amniotic fluid when the pig is pregnant makes the instrument sound to judge whether the pig is pregnant.
    (2) It is necessary to find the measurement position accurately, otherwise the bladder and other devices will be misjudged. In addition, hydrocephalus, mammary gland yan, etc. will also affect the judgment of the instrument, so there are many factors affecting the pregnancy measurement with veterinary A-ultrasound, and the probability of misjudgment is greater.
    (3) In order to obtain accurate test results, the earliest test can be carried out 25 days after the breeding of the pig, and the test is repeated again after 30 days to ensure accurate test results.

    Veterinary B-ultrasound:

    High accuracy and convenient measurement, but the price is more expensive.

    In general, these three methods have their drawbacks and cannot be widely used in farms.

    Pig pregnancy rapid test

    The pig pregnancy rapid test kit has the characteristics of easy operation, storage at room temperature, easy to carry, safe and harmless to the mother and fetus.

    Use of pig pregnancy rapid test

    (1) Take the pig urine in the container, take out the detection plate and straw from the aluminum foil bag, and suck the urine with the straw
    (2) Drop 3-4 drops in the sample hole of the test board, at this time the urine slowly moves to the other end of the test paper under the action of siphon;
    (3) Observe one or two red lines in the window and observe the result.

    Pig pregnancy rapid test result reading

    (1) Positive: Two red bands appear, that is, red bands appear in both the test line (T) area and the control line (C) area, indicating that you are pregnant.
    (2) Negative: Only a red band appears in the control (C) area, and no red band appears in the test line (T) area, indicating that there is no pregnancy.
    (3) Invalid: The control node (C) area is not colored, indicating that the detection is invalid. In this case, you need to re-detect.

    Advantages of pig pregnancy rapid test

    Advantages of pig pregnancy rapid test
    (1) High accuracy: confirmed by numerous tests, fast and accurate detection.
    (2) Easy to use: The operation process is simple, and the result is easy to read.
    (3) Quick response: It only takes ten minutes to judge whether you are pregnant according to the test results.
    (4) Easy to carry: One bag at a time, easy to carry and more flexible to use!

    Little knowledge about pig pregnancy

    How long is pig pregnancy?

    The pig pregnancy period: 110 days-120 days, average 114 days "Three systems" means three months, three weeks plus three days, another method is to add 4 to the month, minus 6 to the date.

    Pig pregnancy signs

    1. Early diagnosis:
    (1) Observe. Observe the changes in the appearance of the pig, such as shiny hair, bright eyes, shiny,
    The joint crack under the vulva shrinks upward to form a line, which indicates conception.
    (2) 3-4 days after mating, gently pinch the second pair of nipples at the end of the pig, and find that there is a hard milk tube, indicating that you are pregnant.
    2. Mid-term diagnosis:
    (1) 18-24 days after mating, pigs no longer estrus, appetite increased sharply, no material left in the trough, and the abdomen gradually increased, indicating that they were pregnant.
    (2) The accuracy of measuring pigs 25-30 days after breeding with a pig pregnancy tester is as high as 98% -100%.
    (3) 30 days after mating, the pig hair is black, and the nipple is black and purple halo, indicating that she is pregnant.
    (4) When observing the arrangement state of the pig's nipples from the rear side, the nipples are open to the outside, and the mammary glands are raised, which can be used as an auxiliary identification for pregnancy.
    3. Late diagnosis:
    Fetal movement can be touched after 70 days of gestation, and after 80 days, the movement of the pig's abdominal wall can be seen when the pig is lying on her side.

    Pig pregnancy care

    The purpose of pig production is to produce piglets with large numbers, large individuals and good health. Under the condition of a certain number of pigs, the quality of pig feeding and management, especially the management of pregnant pigs, directly affects the production quantity and quality of piglets.
    (1) Good body condition is an important guarantee for the pig to maintain a high level of fertility.
    (2) Early diagnosis of pig pregnancy.
    (3) Measures for pigs to protect the fetus.
    (4) Increasing the number of litters should effectively strengthen the feeding management of pregnant pigs.
    (5) Pigs should be controlled as far as possible during the day.


    The pig pregnancy rapid test kit has the characteristics of easy operation, storage at room temperature, easy to carry, safe and harmless to the mother and fetus. It can meet the needs of Small and medium-sized farms. The pregnant pigs can be detected as early as possible for further processing. Increase the profitability of pig farms.
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