30 Best honey brands in the world

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Top 4 honeys in the world
Top 5 honey brands UK
Top 10 honey brands in India
Top 5 honey brands in Singapore
Top 10 honey brands in China

Top 4 honeys in the world  

1. Chinese acacia honey  

Acacia honey produced in China is one of the top 4 honey brands in the world. This bee honey is also the leading variety of Chinese-style products. The annual output is relatively high. The high-quality acacia honey has a clear and translucent texture, and has a faint locust flower aroma, which can reduce inflammation and sterilization. It can clear away heat and detoxify, and can cool blood to stop bleeding, which has a particularly obvious health care effect on the human body.

2. Eucalyptus honey from Argentina

Argentina is the world’s largest producer of honeys. The eucalyptus honey produced in this country is one of the world’s top 4 honeys, with an annual output of more than 80,000 tons. This honey can be exported all over the world. It has a unique aroma and high nutritional value. It protects human from cardiovascular diseases. It is a fine product of the honey family, and it is also a honey that is especially suitable for people to eat.

3. Manuka in New Zealand

Manuka honey in New Zealand is also one of the four top brands of honey in the world. There are many nectar plants in this country. Clover, Christmas tree, kiwi fruit and Manuka are all important nectar plants. And the quality of the local honey collected by local bees is amazing. It not only has high nutritional value, but also has excellent health care effects. People who consume it regularly can prolong life and delay aging.

4. Canadian clover honey

Canada is a western country with sparsely populated land and superior natural environment. The clover honey produced there is one of the four top honeys in the world. It is a bee product made by honeybees collecting the pollen and nectar of the local unique plant clover. This kind of honey has a sticky texture and a sweet taste. It can beautify the skin and also reduce inflammation and sterilization. It can dilute the spots and scars on the surface of human skin. It can keep human skin smooth and tender. In addition, it can enhance human anti-aging ability and clean up toxins in the body.

Top 5 honey brands UK

1. Littleover Apiaries

The Littleover brand was originally a small honey farm in Derbyshire. It was established in the late 1990s. It produces honey in various counties in the east of England, extending north to the swamps of North Yorkshire. In recent years, the brand has diversified operations, including some imported honeys.

British honey is not heat-treated or mixed in any way, and does not contain chemicals or drugs. More importantly, 10% of the online sales of Littleover honey are donated to charity, and the honey itself has won many awards, including 16 Best Taste Awards.

It has a wide range of varieties, including British Clear Wildflower Honey, British Heather Honey, Borage Honey and Brazilian Canola.

2. New Quay Honey Farm

This Welsh farm is the largest of its kind in Wales and is open to visitors who want to come here to learn more about the honey collection process. In the coastal resorts of Wales, a large number of wild flowers and trees help to produce a honey that guarantees an excellent natural flavor. In addition to honey, this farm also produces mead, beeswax candles, nail polish and cosmetics.

3. Heather Hills

This family-run Scottish farm was founded in 1945 and also produces 100% raw honey. The company is located in the highlands of Perthshire. About 70 years ago, there was only one beehive. Now it has 1,300 beehives in Perthshire and Disad. Spaced hive means more opportunities for bees to roam, which results in high-quality products. This farm uses traditional extraction and collection methods and is still a family-run business to this day. A 2013 study by the University of Glasgow showed that Scottish honey is as effective as the famous Manuka honey.

4. Payne’s Southdown Bee Farms Ltd

When Fred Payne established the Southdown Bee Farm in 1922, he had only a few hives, and now there are hundreds of hives distributed in the Sussex hills. Today, the farm is still family-owned, supplying shops and sales points all over the UK. Visitors are welcome to visit the store to see a variety of products, as well as pick up your own beekeeping equipment.

5. Beeslt

You may be surprised, but there are also many honey producers in the British capital, London, and there are many choices in various markets, deli shops and weekend stalls.

As three generations of beekeepers, the owners of honeycomb honey shops should really know their craftsmanship. In this hive in Clapham, you can see 20,000 live bees.

Finally, Capital Bee is run by Camilla Goddard and has hives in Greenwich and Brockley, as well as elsewhere in New York City. The company also sets up beehives for other companies, and provides training and educational visits. In order to protect the endangered bees in the UK, the company can also place unwanted colonies in the hive.

Top 10 honey brands in India 

1. Hitkari Honey

Hitkari honey is one of the most trusted honey brands in India. As early as 2010, it wasdetermined that Hitkari honey manufacturers did not use antibiotics in honey and their products were authentic. The brand claims that it only operates during the season, unlike large manufacturers pushing antibiotics in the colony to prevent infection.

2. Dabur Honey

Dabur is India's largest manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines and natural consumer products. It has a history of hundreds of years and has a strong footprint in people's minds. Dabur honey also echoes the brand's promise to maintain purity and health, and brings you 100% pure honey. Sundarbans forest is the source of Dabur honey, and it does not contain chemicals and preservatives.

Glass bottle packaging is an additional plus. It ensures that no hazardous materials are transferred to offline plastic or metal containers.

3. Beez Honey

Although Beez honey is a new brand, it has been producing natural high-quality honey for ten years. The most advanced processing plant ensures minimal or zero manual interference. They produce high-quality honey for exporting to other countries in the world, and process many types of honey for specific purposes.

4. Little Bee Organic Honey

The high-quality and outstanding Little Bee produce various types of honey, such as natural honey, mixed honey, premium honey and organic honey. The process of manually extracting honey is in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards. The brand also won the APEDA Award for its purity and quality. As a premium brand, it is expensive, but once you taste it, you will become a loyal customer.

5. Apis Himalaya Honey

Apis Himalaya honey is processed using modern technology without the use of chemicals. It has good quality and affordable price. The company has an in-house laboratory and a world-class processing plant, which can prepare honey and retain its nutritional value. It provides a variety of honeys, so you can choose according to your needs or specific requirements. It has a very sweet taste and can be easily sprinkled on bread and grilled meat. It can also replace your sugar in a cup of tea or coffee.

6. Dyu Honey

Dyu in Sanskrit means "luminous", which is the feature of the brand. Every drop of Dyu's honey contains natural ingredients. The brand sells pure natural, hand-made and naturally extracted honey, which can be packaged from the honeycomb to the bottle with almost no artificial manufacturing. It also has healing properties, and everyone can benefit from Dyu honey. It is naturally sweet providing excellent accompaniment to your food and other foods.

7. Zandu Pure Honey

It is undeniable that Zandu Pure Honey has existed for many years. A bottle of Zandu pure honey can let you experience the unique taste, aroma and thickness of unprocessed natural honey. It contains no added sugar and no fat. The German laboratory has confirmed that Zandu honey is pure and sugar-free.

8. 24 Mantra Honey 

24 Mantra Honey is certified, free of preservatives and chemicals, and is naturally processed from various flowers in the Himalayas. 24 Mantra honey is filtered and packaged, with almost no interference and zero pollution, so it retains its natural and healthy characteristics. It is delicious and does not contain any preservatives or harmful chemicals. 24 Mantra honey jars can be used for many purposes, such as cooking, beauty and healing purposes.

9. Patanjali Honey

Patanjali has established a niche for itself in recent years. The brand claims that its honey is unprocessed and natural, although there are concerns that the honey will deposit on the bottom of the Patanjali bottle. The brand has clearly stated that pure honey changes its composition according to the season. Patanjali takes Ayurveda to another level, so many people are convinced of the brand's commitment to purity.

10. Baidyanath Madhu

Speaking of honey, it is unlikely that Baidyanath honey, the Ayurvedic honey brand of Ayurveda, will not be mentioned. Baidyanath Madhu is known for its purity and authenticity, whose nectar coming from the forests of Sundarbans and some Himalayas. There is no doubt that no chemicals and additives can benefit you from natural honey.

Top 5 honey brands in Singapore

1. Anaya

The founders Terry Tong and Gary Chin went to the Philippines to find almonds. They ran into a group of local beekeepers. Their apiary had beehives which were abnormal, and this aroused their interest. They even tried the unique sweet and sour honey, and then voila-Anaya was created. The benefits of this organically cultivated honey are that its high activity levels, ability of antibacterial and low sugar.

2. Go Pure

Go Pure specializes in natural and organic honey, which comes from the flowers of Linden and Acacia. Acacia honey is good for the respiratory system and blood circulation, while Linden honey can relieve stress and anxiety.

3. Cerana    

Cerana provides high-quality honey produced in Southeast Asia, which is mainly produced on Thai farms. It also carries honey from three independent beekeepers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo.

4. HoneyWorld

This brand prides itself as the only professional honey brand, carrying a wide range of honeys and related honey bee products. And the price is affordable.

5. Honey Colony 

Honey Colony mainly produces anti-microbial honey, such as Jara honey, red gum honey and leatherwood honey. These honeys are notable for their sweetness and healing properties.

Top 10 honey brands in China

1. Wang's

It is located in the scenic hero city of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. It is a company dedicated to honey bee products. It was founded in 1985, a large-scale private enterprise integrating pharmaceuticals, bee medicine, cosmetics, real estate, tourism development and other industries.

Wang’s has a sales network stretching all over the country. It provides high-quality natural bee products and health foods to millions of consumers every year, and provides trustworthy services for consumers’ health. Its products are among the best and has made positive contributions to the development of China's apiculture industry. Keywords for selling points: chain, biggest.

2. Guanshengyuan

In addition to the white rabbit toffee in our childhood memories, the honey industry is also very effective. Located in Shanghai, the main business is candy, bee products, wine, noodle products, MSG, frozen food, health food, biological medicine, snack food and other products.

The scientific research institution of Guanshengyuan Group is a municipal technology center, which has passed the national laboratory accreditation, and has a number of technical invention patents. Guanshengyuan has been awarded the honorary titles of National Food Industry Quality and Efficiency Advanced Enterprise, National Light Industry Excellent Performance Advanced Enterprise and Shanghai Excellent Enterprise for several consecutive years. Selling points: national industry, purity.

3. Hengliang Bee Industry

Zhejiang Jiangshan Hengliang Bee Products Company was founded in 1989. Over the years, the company’s projects have involved many areas including the development of honey bee products and health care applications. The products have been exported to 38 countries and regions on five continents including the European Union, Japan, the United States, and New Zealand. They have been unanimously praised by consumers. They praised it as "the originally ecological and safe food". And it represented Chinese bee products companies on the international exhibition stage for many times, showing the unique charm of China's bee industry.

In order to ensure the traceability of product quality, Hengliang began to establish beekeeping production bases in accordance with the EU 2092/91 Organic Agriculture Production Regulations in 2002, and established a product quality traceability system. There are 640 natural beekeeping bases nationwide. Each batch of products produced by one hundred organic bee farms can be traced back to the specific honey farm number, place of production, flower source and medication.

It has become the only domestic beekeeping base that has passed the dual certification of Chinese organic products, EU ECOCERT organic products, accepted the inspection of the EU government FVO residue inspection team.

4. Baihua

This capital honey brand has six categories of products, including honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, daily chemicals, and honey bee products. After continuous development in recent years, Baihua has become a leading enterprise in the national bee product industry. "Baihua" brand has a high reputation under the company's years of cultivation. The company's management has gone through three stages: raw material management, product management, and brand management. Its honey products are sold to 23 provinces and cities nationwide.

5. Mingyuan

Mingyuan is a very professional company selling bee products, mainly engaged in functional products, gift box products and personal care products. The "Mingyuan" trademark is a "China Well-known Trademark" recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company's sales network spreads all over the country. At present, it has established more than 3,000 sales outlets in 11 provinces and regions.

Mingyuan adheres to the ecological and green production concept, taking green, healthy, portable and enjoyable as the main development direction, and provides consumers with high-end and fashionable healthy food. Selling points: cold chain system, healthy food.

6. Tianzuo

It has the original ecological bee farm direct supply base in Ningbo. It mainly sells raw honey, heme, honey and honey gift boxes. It is a food company specializing in the production of high-end bee products, located in Cixi, the hometown of beekeeping in China. The company conducts business operations are in accordance with the concept of "traditional industry, modern management", and strictly follows QS standards and HACCP standards to establish aseptic purification workshops, laboratories and storage centers. Selling points: original ecology, direct supply.

7. Baoshengyuan

Baoshengyuan is a leading national apiculture enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing. The main products are honey bee products, tea and health food. The brand "Baoshengyuan" was founded in 1924 and is the only company that has been recognized as a national, provincial, and municipal long-established brand of bee products companies, which have affiliated bee industry cooperatives, bee product factories, bee product research institutes and other institutions. Selling points: leading enterprise, integrity.

8. Cishengtang

A honey brand company in Shanghai uses honey packaging as its main business method. Qinhuangdao Kangzheng Food Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to building a global honey safe food brand with faith protecting human beings. Selling points: Yao Ming, charity.

9. Laoshan

Founded in Nanjing in 1971, Laoshan is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the processing and sales of bee products and fungal drugs. This company has launched more than 20 medical and health products including honey.

10. Old beekeeper

A health care product manufacturer in Xi'an that integrates scientific research, development, processing, and sales. It is mainly engaged in four series of products including honey, royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen. It is rooted in the ancient city of Xi'an with a profound cultural heritage. With the Qinling Mountains in the south, it is located at the junction of the north and south climates. So it is a treasure house of honey with an ideal natural climate.

It won the honor of "Leading Enterprise of Green Beekeeping in Northwest Region", and it is a time-honored brand and a modern enterprise with the largest scale and AAA credit in the bee industry in Northwest China. Selling points: deep processing base, honey source.

Conclusion: There are many types of honeys, so you have to make professional brands the favored choice when buying, so that your safety is guaranteed. If you are still not at ease, you can do a honey test at home.


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