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November 27, 2020
What is Marbofloxacin used for?

Quick Navigation What is marbofloxacin? Definition Pharmacological effects Pharmacology Uses of Marbofloxacin Indications Uses Dosage Marbofloxacin side effects Adverse Reactions […]

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November 26, 2020
How do quinolones work?

Quick Navigation What are quinolones? Definition Antibacterial mechanism Features Drug Interactions Quinolone classification How do quinolones work? Principle of action […]

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November 25, 2020
What are the ciprofloxacin side effects?

Quick Navigation What is ciprofloxacin? Definition Purpose Pharmacology and Toxicology Pharmacokinetics What is ciprofloxacin used for? What does ciprofloxacin treat? […]

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November 24, 2020
What is enrofloxacin used to treat?

Quick Navigation What is enrofloxacin? Definition Physical and chemical properties Pharmacokinetics Pharmacological effects What is enrofloxacin used to treat? Indications […]

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November 21, 2020
Is furazolidone safe for infants?

Quick Navigation What is furazolidone? Definition Quality Purpose Pharmacological effects Pharmacokinetics Furazolidone uses Indications Uses Dosage Veterinary Furazolidone side effects […]

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November 20, 2020
How do I use nitrofurazone?

Quick Navigation What is nitrofurazone? Definition Application Physical and chemical properties Pharmacological effects Nitrofurazone Uses Indications Uses Dosage Nitrofurazone Fish […]

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November 18, 2020
Is nitrofurantoin a good antibiotic?

Quick Navigation What is nitrofurantoin? Definition Purpose Pharmacodynamics Pharmacokinetics Nitrofurantoin uses Indications Uses Nitrofurantoin Dosage Nitrofurantoin side effects Adverse reactions […]

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November 16, 2020
The banned furaltadone

Quick Navigation What is furaltadone? Uses of furaltadone Hazards of furaltadone Conclusion What is furaltadone?    Nitrofuran drugs are broad-spectrum antibiotics […]

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November 13, 2020
What is the drug trimethoprim used for?

Quick Navigation What is trimethoprim? Definition Pharmacological effects Pharmacokinetics The role of trimethoprim Indications Uses Dosage Trimethoprim side effects Adverse […]

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November 12, 2020
What is meant by sulfa drugs?

Quick Navigation What are sulfa drugs? Adverse reactions Classification Clinical application Notes Conclusion What are sulfa drugs? Sulfonamides are synthetic […]

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November 11, 2020
Does silver sulfadiazine promote healing?

Quick Navigation What is silver sulfadiazine? Sulfadiazine Silver Nitrate Pharmacological effects of silver sulfadiazine Pharmacokinetics What are the side effects […]

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November 10, 2020
How do sulfonamides work?

Quick Navigation Sulfonamide VS Sulfonamides Sulfonamides History How do sulfonamides work? Traits Drug resistance What are sulfa drugs? Sulfonamides for […]

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