Cow milk test kit - bovine from sheep/goat(R&D)

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For goat or sheep milk dairy 

Specs:96T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
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Operation video

Instrution For Cow milk test kit

Single Test Kit, the cow milk test kit of goat milk adulteration is convenient, fast and sensitive, and is suitable for on-site large-scale sample detection. As soon as 7-10 minutes to results.

For raw milk, whole milk powder, Pasteurized milk.

1. Specificity
Not cross-react with macrolides, aminoglycosides, sulfonamides drugs, etc.

2. Limit of Detection
Refer to instruction.

Storage & Shelf-Life
At 2~8℃ out of sunlight, 12 months

Compolents (96T / box)
Instruction                          1
Tube                                     12

Equipments (Option)
Mini Pipette(200μL)
Tips for mini pipette

1. Take 200 μL milk specimen, add into micro well, mix with the pink agent 10 times.
Remark: avoid specimen residues too much in the well.
2. Incubate 3 minutes
3. Insert strips into the wells
4. Incubate 5 minutes
5. Take out strips and read results by eye or reader.

Visual inspection
1. If C line visible, interpret according to the instruction. T line compare with C line to interpret positive or negative.
2. If C & T are invisible, it’s invalid detection, repeat testing again.

Reader Interpretation
Refer to the instruction

Results Illustration

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    Cow milk test kit - bovine from goat/sheep

    Goat milk powder

    Goat milk powder has been recognized by consumers because of its rich nutrition and not easy to cause allergies. It has become a faster-growing product in the consumption of dairy products in China. However, in the field of goat milk production, it is not uncommon to incorporate cow milk or use cow milk powder without labeling. The "Administrative Measures on the Registration of Formulas for Infant and Infant Formula Milk Powder Products (Trial)" has been released for consultation in September 2015. Article 30 of the Measures clearly stipulates that the source of infant formula milk powder is goat milk, and the source of milk protein should be indicated in the ingredient list. If goat-derived protein components are detected but not marked, the goat milk can be processed according to this method.

    Cow milk test kit detection principle

    The Cow milk test kit for adulterated goat milk applies the principle of competitive suppression immunochromatography. The bovine milk protein in the sample solution binds to the specific monoclonal antibody labeled with colloidal gold during the flow process, inhibiting the binding of the antibody to the bovine milk protein on the NC membrane detection line (T).

    Detection limit of cow milk test kit

    The detection limit of this product for liquid goat milk is 0.5% milk, and the detection limit for goat milk powder is 0.5% skim milk powder.

    Cow milk test kit sample processing

    1. Liquid milk: It can be used directly without pretreatment.
    2. Milk powder: use distilled water for 100-fold dilution. Such as: Weigh 0.1g sample, add 10mL of distilled water to dissolve.

    Cow milk test kit steps

    (1) Remove the test card from the packaging bag and lay it flat;
    (2) Use a pipette to draw 80ul of this liquid to the sample hole (or drop 3 drops with a dropper), and let it stand for 5-8 minutes
    (3) Interpret the results according to the schematic diagram.

    Cow milk test kit result reading

    If the content of bovine milk protein in the sample solution is greater than the detection limit, the detection line (T) is not colored and the result is positive; otherwise, the detection line (T) is red and the result is negative.

    Precautions for cow milk test kit

    (1) Do not mix test strips and gold-labeled microwells from different batches.
    (2) The delay of inserting and removing the test strip into the gold-marked microwells should be avoided to ensure the same incubation time for each sample.
    (3) After opening the test strip, use it within 1 hour immediately.
    (4) This test strip is a disposable product, please do not reuse it.
    (5) If you find expired, damaged or contaminated test strips at the time of purchase, please replace them at the place of purchase.
    (6) This test strip is only used for initial screening.

    About Goat milk

    Goat milk for babies

    Goat milk is indeed very nutritious, but it is not suitable for babies to drink directly. Because any fresh milk contains bacteria, it must be sterilized before drinking. The same is true for pure milk. Although it is milk, it is also sterilized. Therefore, mother cannot directly feed goat milk to babies. If the mother prefers goat milk, you can choose to drink goat milk powder for baby.

    Goat milk benefits

    The minerals contained in goat milk is 0.14% higher than that of milk. The total amount of 10 major vitamins contained in 100 grams of goat milk is as high as 780 micrograms, which shows that its nutritional value is quite high;
    It is easier to absorb. The fat ball diameter of goat milk is one third smaller than that of milk. The content of short-chain fatty acids is about 5.5 times that of milk. The human body ’s absorption rate of goat milk is as high as 95%;
    Nutrients such as nucleotides and EGF epithelial growth factor contained in goat milk can improve the baby's body immunity and gastrointestinal digestibility;
    Goat milk has a much lower casein content than baby milk, which can effectively reduce the risk of baby milk protein allergy.

    Goat milk formula

    The nutritional elements of goat milk are similar to that of breast milk. Its unique cell growth factor (EGF) can effectively improve the body's immunity and promote bone growth and development. The fat globule cells of goat milk are small, similar in size to those of breast milk, and are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are easy to digest and absorb.


    In recent years, goat milk products have been recognized by consumers in the market, and many consumers have chosen to drink goat milk. The price of infant goat milk powder is generally higher than that of milk powder. However, some enterprises have launched goat milk products under the condition that they do not have goat milk resources. Some companies mix goat milk with milk and pretend to be goat milk. This is an infringement of consumer interests. It is very necessary to detect the milk in goat milk in time.
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