Ochratoxin Test

Ochratoxin Rapid Test Kit For Edible Oild

For food, grain, feed to detect mycotoxins

Specs:96T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
Regulation: CN / EU / RU / US

What is the ochratoxin A test?

BALLYA Ochratoxin A test is a rapid one-step test that can qualitatively (or quantitatively) detect ochratoxin A in grains and edible oils in just eight minutes.
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What is ochratoxin A?

1. Definition

2. Ochratoxin A Features

OTA is poorly water-soluble, soluble in sodium bicarbonate solution, and easily soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, ketone and chloroform. OTA was first discovered in the Balkans. Balkan epidemic nephropathy and its related urinary tract tumors are closely related to the pollution of OTA. Balkan epidemic nephropathy is a chronic and progressive disease, and long-term (6--10 years) patients may have irreversible kidney failure. In addition, OTA is also considered to be the main cause of kidney disease in Tunisia.

The toxin is extremely stable. It cannot be completely destroyed even at 250°C. Fermentation can degrade about 70% of toxins. 98% of ochratoxin can be degraded by rumen microorganisms. The stability of ochratoxin in pork, pig kidney and pig liver is very high, and the loss of toxin caused by cooking is very small.

3. Ochratoxin A Toxic mechanism

It inhibits phenylalanine-tRNA synthetase activity, thereby inhibiting protein synthesis; causing abnormal mitochondrial function, thereby inhibiting cell energy metabolism. OTA causes oxidative stress to make it carcinogenic, gene toxin and cytotoxic.

Ochratoxin A Hazards

OTA is a kind of mycotoxin produced by Aspergillus ochracea and Penicillium pure green. It is widely present in feed. Pigs are sensitive to it and have a synergistic effect with aflatoxin. OTA has a strong diuretic effect and mainly damages the kidneys of pigs. A large amount of toxins can also cause liver damage in pigs, leading to inflammation or necrosis of the intestinal mucosa, nerve poisoning and other symptoms.

The pollution of OTA in animal feed is serious. The OTA accumulates in the body after the animal eats the feed contaminated by OTA, and is not easily degraded by metabolism. Therefore, in animal food, especially pig kidney, liver, muscle, blood, and milk and dairy products, Ochratoxin A was often detected. In the family of mycotoxins that have been discovered, according to their importance and hazard ranking, OTA is considered to be second only to aflatoxin. So far, countries such as Brazil, Germany, Romania, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia have established limit standards for OTA in food, feed and pig kidney.

Features of Ochratoxin A Test

Easy to use for feed factory and farmers
Results visible within 15 minutes
High sensitivity
No special training required

Ochratoxin A Test Method

Because the content of ochratoxin A in grain is very low, the testing methods must be efficacious. Relevant scholars around the world have conducted many studies on ochratoxin A, and the current detection methods are mainly divided into two categories: confirmation methods and rapid methods. 

The confirmation method is mainly based on physical and chemical equipment, such as thin layer chromatography (TLC), gas chromatography (GC), high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), and various combined technologies such as gas-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), liquid mass spectrometry Combination (HPLC-MS), etc.; fast methods are mainly based on immunochemical immunoassay methods such as immunoaffinity column-fluorescence detection (IAC-FLD), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELlSA) and colloidal gold immunochromatography etc.

TLC is the most common detection method in the early studies of ochratoxin A. It has been widely used because of its simple operation. However, this method is time-consuming (about 48 hours), and the sensitivity and specificity are poor. The organic solvents needed in the process are varied and large in quantity.

The HPLC method has high sensitivity and can accurately qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the ochratoxin A in the sample, but this method is not suitable for the detection of batch samples.

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA method is a commonly used rapid detection method in enterprises, but it also has advantages and disadvantages: ELISA method can be sensitive and quantitatively detectable, but the operation process is relatively complicated, requires high environmental and personnel requirements, and environmental interference factors are complex.

The Ochratoxin A Rapid Test Kit is a colloidal gold immunochromatography assay that detects Ochratoxin A residue in grain, feed and meets EU MRL. BALLYA colloidal gold detection card can meet the rapid requirements of the field, and result within 5-10 minutes, and can be qualitative or quantitative with high sensitivity.

This product uses the colloidal gold competition method to quickly detect the residues of ochratoxin A in cereals and feeds through specific antigen-antibody reactions. It is suitable for on-site rapid detection of various enterprises, testing institutions and supervision departments.

Ochratoxin A test specimen

Test samples include: grain, feed, and grain products such as beer and edible oil.

Detection Limit of Ochratoxin A Test

The LOD maybe change according to requirement or specimen's difference, refer to kit instruction

The importance of ochratoxin A test

Ochratoxin testing can help manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and the general public monitor product quality and help humans protect their health.

Component of Ochratoxin A Test

1. Micro-Well Reagent: 8 tests/tube, 12 tubes/box

2. Test Strip: 8pcs/tube, 96pcs/box

3. Manual Instruction: 1pc

Materials Required for Ochratoxin A Test, But Not Provided

Micropipette 10-200ul
Tips for mini pipette, 96pcs

How to use ochratoxin A Testing?

1. Add 200ul test sample into micro well reagent.

2. Incubate for 2 minutes.

3. After 8 minutes, read the results.

4. Refer to the kit instruction for further details.

Interpretation of BALLYA Ochratoxin A Test


Ochratoxin A is widely present in nature and pollutes our food, feed, oil and all the resources on which we depend for survival. Therefore, timely detection of the presence of ochratoxin A is particularly important.

The ochratoxin A test provided by BALLYA can solve your doubts, and timely and accurately detect whether food and beverage contain ochratoxin A.

How to order Ochratoxin A Test?

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