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December 4, 2019
Can dairy cow hyperhidrosis affect milk quality?

Clinically, sweating is a common symptom in dairy cows, which is usually easy to occur in high-yielding dairy cows. It is a secondary disease caused by the loss of large amounts of calcium during the peak lactation period, often accompanied by a lack of vitamins and trace elements. The disease usually occurs in late winter […]

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November 29, 2019
Why does aflatoxin M1 exist in milk?

Aflatoxin M1 belongs to one of the similar compounds of aflatoxin and has the highest occurrence rate of aflatoxin in food and feed in hot and humid areas. The physical and chemical properties of it are quite stable and not destroyed by pasteurization. After mammals ingested feed or food contaminated by aflatoxin B1, they converted […]

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October 22, 2019
Raw milk for sale - 4 SENSORS BTSC TEST protect milk safe - BALLYA
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