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August 7, 2019
The Big Secrets For Dairy Farming

1. Lactation Law of Dairy Cows High-yielding dairy cows refer to those cows with milk production of more than 6 tons and daily milk production of more than 30 kg in the whole lactation period. During the same lactation period, milk production of dairy cows varies significantly with breed, individual, health degree, body condition, age, […]

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August 6, 2019
How To Start Dairy Farming Business?

The Farm Site Selection Dairy Cows Selection 1  Des Paulanis Red and White Flower Cattle 2  Milking Shorthorn 3  Guernsey 4  Angorn cattle 5  Ayrshire 6  Swedish Red Bull 7  Brown swiss 8  Costa Roman cattle 9  Norwegian Red 10  Holstein cows The Common Dairy Cow Diseases and Prevention Medical diseases 1. Gastric volvulus 2. Abomasal displacement 3.  Gastric ulcer 4. Rumen acidosis 5. Ketosis Obstetric diseases […]

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