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December 5, 2019
How to prevent postpartum uterine prolapse in dairy cows?

Uterine prolapse: refers to the partial or total reversal of the uterus out of the vagina. It is a common disease of postpartum dairy cows. It is often called "blow gourd" by the common people in many rural areas. The disease is a more difficult disease to treat in the clinic, and it is easy […]

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July 25, 2019
Do you know the drug regimen for common diseases of dairy cows?

1. Mild mastitis Program 1 Ceftiofur sodium 0.5g for injection, 1-2 groups at a time, intramuscular injection. Program 2 Ceftiofur Sodium for Injection 1g (Yikesai), once a group, intramuscular injection Program 3 Lincomycin hydrochloride breast infusion, one at a time, breast perfusion, twice a day. Program 4 Peptidolin set (ceftiofur sodium once a group, once […]

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