Peb yuav tsum haus yogurt ntau npaum li cas hauv ib hnub?

Peb yuav tsum haus yogurt ntau npaum li cas hauv ib hnub?

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Drinking 250-500 grams of yogurt a day can maintain the balance of the normal flora of the intestines and regulate the normal levels of beneficial intestinal flora.

Drinking much yogurt will not be absorbed, and drinking yogurt will not be fat. What’s more, drinking yogurt is very beneficial to our bodies. You can also lose weight by drinking yogurt!

Peb yuav tsum haus yogurt ntau npaum li cas hauv ib hnub?
Peb yuav tsum haus yogurt ntau npaum li cas hauv ib hnub?

Yogurt is a long-lived drink

According to the Nobel Prize winner, the first food research by the Russian food expert Melnikov (1845-1916) proved that yogurt contains a growth-active factor that can enhance the body's tiv thaiv kab mob muaj nuj nqi, which is good for our body and resistance of sick and anti-aging. There are many longevity places in the world, and residents have the habit of drinking yogurt for a long time. The reasons why yogurt is good for human health and longevity may be:

1. Yogurt can enhance the body's immune function;

2. Lower serum cholesterol levels. Experiments have shown that about 24 grams of yogurt per serving, a drop in cholesterol can be seen after one week even without any drugs.

3. Drinking yogurt can promote intestinal movement, shorten the time of food and anal transfer, soften and dissolve colonic contents, increase fecal excretion, prevent constipation, and help prevent nyuv mob cancer. Therefore, yogurt is known as longevity food abroad.

Do not drink yogurt when you have not eaten anything yet.

Why shouldn't you drink yogurt on an nplais plab? This is because the pH of the human gastric juice is usually between pH 1-3, and the pH value on the fasting is below 2, while the pH value of the active cov kab mob lactic acid in the yogurt is above pH 5.4. If you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, the lactic acid bacteria will be easily killed by stomach acid, and its tus nqi noj haus and health effect are greatly reduced. If you drink yogurt after a meal, then the gastric juice is diluted and the pH rises to 3-5. This environment is very suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria, especially in the case of drinking yogurt within 2 hours after a meal.

Tau koj heat yogurt?

Once the yogurt is cooked and heated, the large amount of active lactic acid bacteria will be killed, its physical properties will change, and the separation and precipitation will occur. The unique taste and taste of the yogurt will disappear. The most valuable thing about yogurt is lactic acid bacteria. It not only breaks down the lactose in the milk, but also produces lactic acid, which increases the acidity of the intestines, and inhibits the growth of spoilage bacteria and reduces the production of toxins by the spoilage bacteria in the intestine. If the yogurt is heat-treated, the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt will be killed, and the nutritional value and health care function will be reduced. Therefore, the yogurt can not be heated, and the summer drink should be bought and eaten. In winter, it can be placed at room temperature for a certain period. Drink again.

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