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Furaltadone Rapid Test (0.5ppb)


For meat products testing

Specs:25T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
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The Clenbuterol Rapid Test Card is based on the Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography to detect the Clenbuterol. This kit can be applied for on-site or lab rapid testing by various departments.

Performance Information
LOD:0.5 ng/ml

Test Kit(Micro Well)
Extraction Agent A
Extraction Agent B
Re-Hydration Fluid(8ml)
Centrifuge Tube (15ml)
PE Groves
Product instruction
Storage & shelf-life
 At 2~30℃, out of sun light & moisture, 18months

Preprocessing procedure
Refer to the instruction

Test procedure
1. Read the instruction, let the sample and test kit at room temperature(20-25℃).
2. Take out the test card, use it within 1h.
3. Place the card in flat, add 4-5 drop of sample (about 100µL) into the micro well to dissolve the reagent completely. Then, incubate for 5mins at room temperature.
4. Pipette 100µL dissolved sample into the sample well.
5. Read the result within 5-8mins. The result after 10mins is invalid.
Interpretation of results
Negative: line T is same or stronger than C
Positive: line T lighter than C
Invalid: line C does not appear

Results Illustration
Refer to the instruction

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    Trivia questions : What is furaltadone and AMOZ?


    Furaltadone drugs have a broad antibacterial spectrum and have antibacterial effects on most Gram-positive and negative bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, and Streptococcus pyogenes. This product is not easily absorbed in the intestine after oral administration, so it is mainly used for intestinal infections and can also be used for the treatment of coccidiosis and turkey blackhead.

    Furaltadone Properties

    Chemical Formula: C13-H16-N4-O6
    Molecular Weight: 324
    Therapeutic Category: Antibacterial

    Furaltadone brand names

    Furaltadone-Spiramicina [+ Spiramycin] [veterinary use] Formevet, Italy
    Otidol [+ Neomycin, + Polymyxin B, + Hydrocortisone, + Lidocaine] Lansier, Peru
    Otozambon [+ Polymyxin B, + Neomycin, + Fludrocortisone, + Lidocaine] Lukoll, Peru

    Furaltadone uses

    Furaltadone drugs are synthetic antibacterial drugs. It can fight against a variety of Gram-negative and positive bacteria. Low concentration (5 ~ 10μg per ml) shows antibacterial effect; high concentration (20 ~ 50μg per ml) has bactericidal effect. Veterinary clinics are mostly used to prevent intestinal infections of livestock and poultry, young white worms, and coccidiosis.

    Furaltadone for fish industry

    Fish antibiotics are used in the fish industry to treat bacterial diseases of fish. In the fish industry, especially in developing countries, it is common practice to use large amounts of antibiotics to prevent infections. The antibiotics used are usually non-biodegradable and will remain in the environment for long periods of time, contaminating soil and groundwater. In agriculture, antibiotics are mixed with food, and residual drugs eventually remain in fish products and poultry, which causes humans to consume antibiotics and metabolites.

    Furaltadone side effects

    Furaltadone toxicity

    Veterinary clinics are mostly used to prevent intestinal infections of livestock and poultry, young white worms, and coccidiosis.
    Although furaltadone have higher curative effects on the above-mentioned diseases, they also have certain toxicity. Poultry and young animals are the most sensitive and can easily cause poisoning.

    Furaltadone poisoning

    Furaltadone can damage certain enzyme systems in the body and prevent the oxidation of pyruvate in the blood. They inhibit several enzymes involved in the aerobic oxidation of glucose and other carbohydrate intermediates (pyruvate, succinate, glycerol, and lactic acid). Because the brain has higher requirements for aerobic oxidation of glucose, neurological symptoms are predominant when furan drugs are poisoned.
    Furaltadone can inhibit the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow, reduce the formation of liver proteins and glycogen, and destroy the excretory function of the kidney. After long-term large-scale application, it can cause toxic liver dystrophy and blood clotting time.

    Furaltadone poisoning symptoms

    Acute poisoning chicks often begin to show symptoms within hours or days after administration, and some cases die without symptoms. Poisoned chicks often have sudden neurological symptoms, distressed, eyes closed and neck constricted, standing or excited, whine, some heads and necks reversed, flap wings, make circle movements; some movement disorders, legs stretched after falling down Swim in a swimming position, or die with cramps or convulsions.
    Adult poultry has reduced appetite, increased appetite, stands still or shakes, and some excitement, showing different postures; straightening of the head or neck or head and neck reversing as a convoluted movement, constantly nodding or shaking the head; Standing on the ground can not afford, symptoms such as convulsions, convulsions, angular arch reflexes, etc., until death.

    Furaltadone poisoning treatment

    When poultry is found to be toxic, the drug should be stopped immediately. Can try glucose, vitamin B1 and vitamin C for adjuvant therapy.

    Furaltadone test

    Furaltadone drugs are rapidly metabolized in the body and cannot be detected. But due to binding to proteins, their metabolites are guaranteed to exist for a long time. Therefore, the detection of furaltadone metabolites as target analytes is often used to detect the residual amount of furaltadone drugs.

    What is AMOZ?

    The detection of furans is difficult because the metabolism occurs quickly after ingestion of these drugs. These metabolites exist in tissues for a long time. AMOZ is a metabolite of furaltadone, which is not easily broken down in general cooking, and can be released from tissues under mild acidic conditions. Therefore, it can be used for testing.

    Furaltadone ban

    On December 27, 2019, furaltadone was included in the list of drugs and other compounds banned in food animals.


    In order to improve the quality of aquatic products, ensure the safety of consumers, enhance the international competitiveness of China's aquatic products, and promote the smooth development of international trade in aquatic products, on December 27, 2019, furaltadone was included in the ban on the use of food animals. List of medicines and other compounds. However, there are still many unscrupulous merchants who take risks and use furaltadone in violation of regulations. This is a huge threat to consumer health.
    The Furaltadone Rapid Test (0.5ppb) kit provided by BALLYA can effectively detect whether aquatic species still have furaltadone ensuring the quality and safety of aquatic products.
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