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November 29, 2019
CIP Cleaning Procedure of Milking Equipment in Ranch

1. Cleaning process:End of Milking→Rinse with clean water at 40 ℃→Cyclic cleanings with washing fluid (alkali) at 85℃→Rinse with clean water at 40 ℃→Cyclic cleanings with washing fluid (alkali) at 85℃→Rinse with clean water. The specific temperature is according to the recommended temperature of the cleaner manufacturer. Generally, the temperature of each part required by the cleaner manufacturer […]

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July 24, 2019
Standard management of delivery rooms in large-scale pastures

I. Delivery room in large-scale pastures 1. Hardware Facilities Specialized delivery rooms must be set up for large-scale pastures. For the old pasture with balanced production, the feeding density should not exceed 80% by calculating the feeding space of each cow in the delivery room for one week. For the newly built mass calving pastures, we […]

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