Mogu li smeđi šećer i jogurt smršati?

Mogu li smeđi šećer i jogurt smršati?

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Adding brown sugar into yogurt are an especially popular way to lose weigh on the Internet. Some people even said that they insisted on eating this way and lost 12 kg a month. So, let's take a look at it, is this way really useful for us?

Can yogurt and brown sugar lose weight?

It can work.

Jogurt has the function of burning fat, and yogurt is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. It has lower sugar content than other food. Drinking yogurt can make the moving stomach get an effective rest and adjust the intestinal environment; and, the lactic acid in yogurt can convert weak alkaline substances in the intestine into weak acidity, and can also produce antibacterial substances, which have excellent health care effects. Besides, the main component of brown sugar is sucrose, which can effectively replenish the body's required ability and The role of detoxification all night, there is also a certain weight loss effect.

Mogu li smeđi šećer i jogurt smršati?
Mogu li smeđi šećer i jogurt smršati?

Yogurt and brown sugar to lose weight

Add 2 grams of brown sugar to a cup of yogurt and mix well. You can drink it for 2 hours before or after meals. Drink two or three times a day. Yogurt can provide protein, vitamins and phosphoric acid in addition to the necessary ability to supplement the body. Fat is more likely to burn after fasting, to avoid the feeling of too much stomach acid.

However, it should be noted that to achieve a better slimming effect, it is best to choose nemasni yogurt. The calcium content of low-fat yogurt can help the body accelerate the burning of fat and avoid excessive daily intake of fat.

Yogurt brown sugar diet is not a substitute for dinner

Although yogurt and brown sugar have a certain slimming effect, they cannot be eaten as a meal. Our normal should be grain-based, sugar and milk are irreplaceable, they can not provide us with the main energy needed for a day.

If you eat "yogurt + brown sugar" in the dinner, it will reflect the weight loss effect after one week, because this is a "diet", but "yogurt + brown sugar" can not provide daily energy needs, when the weight loss effect is reflected, there will be dizziness, tinnitus. The phenomenon of inattention, this phenomenon is hypoglycemia. The right weight loss should be a reasonable diet, proper exercise; dieting, drinking slimming tea, etc., mlade žene mora biti koristi se s oprezom kako biste izbjegli ozljede.

How to drink yogurt in the right way to Smršati

1. Nikad over-drinking yogurt

Although yogurt has a weight loss effect, it does not mean that it can be unrestrained. Drinking previse can lead to excessive stomach acid and it will affect the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, resulting in decreased appetite, especially if it is too acidic. Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, people with abdominalna distenzija are less likely to drink more, and people drink about 250 grams of yogurt every day is the most appropriate.

2. To je a pogrešan način to drink yogurt only.

Although yogurt has the effect of losing weight, it can speed up fat burning. However, it is not right to try to achieve the purpose of weight loss by jedući jogurt. Not only yogurt will let us lose metabolism when we resume eating, but it also leads to uneven nutrition intake. It is not good for health.

3. Yogurt should not drink on an empty stomach

Yogurt should not be eaten on an prazan stomak. It is best to drink within two hours after a meal. Drinking yogurt should not be heated, and some acid in the yogurt will damage the teeth. Therefore, yogurt should be rinsed with boiled water in time; The yogurt may contain syrup or sucrose, and diabetic patients should drink it carefully.

4. Drink yogurt drinks will not lose weight.

Yogurt is mainly made from milk by bakterija mliječne kiseline. It is strictly in the category of milk. However, yogurt drinks are only one kind of beverage. They belong to the beverages that have been added with polysaccharides. They cannot be called milk. So if you drink yogurt drinks, you will not lose weight but observe more energy.

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