BALLYA Diminazene Test

ballya-pesticid-testBALLYA Diminazene Test

What is BALLYA Diminazene Test?

BALLYA Diminazene Test is manufactured by BALLYA, it’s rapid test for detection diminazene residues in feed, grain, food, medicine and tobacco, especially in feed and grain. Lateral flow assay test base on the tehnologija imunohromatografske analize zlata.
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What is Diminazene and how does it work?

Diminazene mechanism of action

For trypanosomiasis caused by trypanosomiasis and equine disease. This product selectively blocks the DNA synthesis and replication of the trypanosomes' motifs, and irreversibly combines with the nucleus, so that the trypanosomes' motifs disappear and cannot divide and reproduce.

The anti-insect effect of this kind is related to the interference of aerobic glycolysis and DNA synthesis of the insects. Can cause host hypoglycemia. The aerobic glycolysis of piriformis and trypanosomes depends on the host's glucose. The role of trypanocide depends on its inhibitory effect on trypanosomal aerobic glycolysis and nuclear protein denaturation.

What is Diminazene used for?

Triazamidine is used as a veterinary drug

(1) For cattle: Triazamidine has different effects on different species of Pyriformis. For example, for cattle infected with Babesia bovis, as low as 0.5mg/kg is effective, and 3.5mg/kg is effective after 24 hours. The body disappeared, the body temperature returned to normal, and the curative effect reached 100%. This product has a poor effect on Babesia diversiformis and Babesia bovis. After 4 days of treatment, there are still worms in the blood, but the clinical symptoms have been significantly improved. Such as reducing elevated body temperature and reducing mortality. Triazamidine has a poor preventive effect on most pyriformes.

(2) For horses: Triazine has a good effect on Babesia horsebow, which can completely eliminate the worms, but it has a poor effect on Babesia horsebow. A large dose of 6-12 mg/kg is required to be effective. Increasing the dose is prone to toxic reactions.

(3) For dogs and cats: Triazamidine at the recommended dose of 3.5 mg/kg can significantly eliminate clinical symptoms caused by Babesia canis.

What are the side effects of Diminazene?

This product is highly toxic and has a small safety range. It will also cause uneasy getting up and lying down, frequent urination, muscle tremor and other adverse reactions when applied to the therapeutic dose. Caution should be used when applying it continuously.

Precautions for the use of triazidine

(1) Triazamidine is more toxic and has a narrow safety range. The treatment dose sometimes has adverse reactions, but it can usually be withstood by itself. The injection is more irritating to local tissues, and the reaction of horses is more serious than that of cattle. Therefore, large doses should be injected deep into the muscle.

(2) Camels are sensitive to this product, so it is better not to use it; horses are more sensitive, so be cautious when using large doses; buffaloes are more sensitive than cattle, especially when used continuously, they are prone to toxicity

(3) Large doses can reduce the proizvodnja mlijeka of muzne krave.
Napomena: Molimo vas da se strogo pridržavate uputstava za upotrebu, ne zloupotrebljavajte, ne zloupotrebljavajte!

What specimen can be detected by BALLYA Diminazene Test?

Uzorci uključuju: sve vrste hrane za životinje, žitarice, hranu, lijekove i kinesku biljnu medicinu. Široko se koristi u industriji hrane za životinje i prehrambenoj industriji.
Možete odabrati prave proizvode prema svojim potrebama.

Significance of testing Diminazene

To protect the animal have health feed, grain, food, medicine and tobacco, avoid contaminated food. The diminazene is harmful for animal being, can not take too much in the body.

Component of BALLYA Diminazene Test?

BALLYA Diminazene Test, 25 kaseta
Pufer za uzorak, 1 bočica
Mini pipeta (Opcionalno)
Vrhovi mikropipeta za jednokratnu upotrebu (opcionalno)
Upute za komplet, 1 kom
Diminazen Test

How to use BALLYA Diminazene Test?

1. Uzmite neki uzorak
2. Dodajte supernatant u kasetu
3. Sačekajte 15 minuta da dobijete rezultat
4. Detalje o radu potražite u uputama za komplet

Limitations of BALLYA Diminazene Test?

BALLYA Diminazene Test je kvalitativni testni komplet. To je samo u svrhu pregleda. Ako imate pozitivne slučajeve ili sumnjate na slučaj, možda upotrijebite drugu metodu otkrivanja za daljnje otkrivanje, kao što je ELISA, PCR, qPCR itd.


In recent years, with the prohibition of a number of highly toxic pesticides, the use of diminazene pesticides in China has increased, and their residues in agricultural products have also attracted more and more attention. Among them, the diminazene pesticides are particularly widely used in vegetable and fruit planting. The food safety problems caused by their residues have attracted increasing attention.

The BALLYA Diminazene Test koje BALLYA can effectively detect the diminazene in the samples. Simple operation, short detection time and high accuracy are the characteristics of this product.

Where to buy BALLYA Diminazene Test?

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