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September 26, 2020
What is an immuno-histochemistry test?

Quick Navigation What is immunohistochemistry? 1. Definition 2. Rationale 3. Characteristics 4. Classification 5. Function What is immunohistochemistry used for? Immunohistochemitry Protocol 1. Immunofluorescence method 2. Immunoenzyme labeling method 3. Immune colloidal gold technology Conclusion What is immunohistochemistry? 1. Definition Immunohistochemistry (ihc), also known as immunocytochemistry, refers to a new technology that the qualitative, localized, […]

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September 25, 2020
What is the function of immunoglobulin?

Quick Navigation What is immunoglobulin? 1. Definition 2. Immunoglobulin Structure 3. Five types of immunoglobulin Immunoglobulin vs Antibody 1. What is antibodies? 2. Antibody Structure 3. The difference between antibodies and immunoglobulins The function of immunoglobulin 1. IgM 2. IgG 3. IgA 4. IgE 5. IgD Conclusion What is immunoglobulin?   1. Definition Globulin is a […]

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September 24, 2020
What is the difference between monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies?

Quick Navigation What are monoclonal antibodies? 1. Definition 2. History 3. Monoclonal Antibody Production 4. Cloning Method 5. Application What is polyclonal antibody? 1. What does polyclonal antibody mean? 2. Structure 3. Classification 4. Application Monoclonal vs Polyclonal antibodies 1. Concept 2. Production 3. Cons and Pros 4. Other differences Conclusion What are monoclonal antibodies? […]

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September 24, 2020
What does FC stand for in antibody?

Quick NavigationWhat is antibodies?What is FC antibody?1. Definition2. Fc Domain3. Brief IntroductionWhat does Fc receptor stand for?What does FC stand for in antibody?Conclusion The crystallizable fragment (Fc antibody) is the tail of the antibody, which interacts with cell surface receptors called Fc receptors and some proteins of the complement system. This feature allows antibodies to […]

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September 11, 2020
How to develop rapid test based on immuno-chromatography?

Quick NavigationWhat is immunochromatography? The principle of immunochromatography The commonly assay method in immunochromatography The commonly colored particles used in immunochromatography What is colloidal gold? The 3 types assay method based on colloidal gold immunochromatography The raw materials used in immunochromatography development The equipment used in immunochromatography development The manufacturing procedure in immunochromatography development How […]

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September 8, 2020
3 Ways Marketing Will Change After COVID-19

Quick NavigationReduced Marketing SpendNeed for Tangible ValueFocus on Engagement and Retention over ConversionsMarketing with Empathy To say that COVID-19 has changed how the world does business would be a drastic understatement. From small Mom-and-Pop shops to large corporations, every company has faced unprecedented challenges in the face of the pandemic. In particular, marketing efforts and […]

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September 1, 2020
What foods contain aflatoxin?

Quick Navigation What foods may contain aflatoxin? How to kill aflatoxin? Misunderstandings about aflatoxin So what are the effective ways to eliminate aflatoxin? What can you eat to inhibit aflatoxin? How to store food to avoid the production of aflatoxin? What foods may contain aflatoxin? Aflatoxins are widespread in nature and in human life. Even […]

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